GKhair Passport to Success Annual Cruise Trip

GKhair is not just a premium hair care company, but also an innovator, an educator and a great team. GKhair believes in team work and long-term partnerships. To value this partnership and to express appreciation, GKhair organizes a Passport to Success Cruise trip for its Educators, Salon owners and Distributors from all around the world. The fun filled cruise trip is GKhair’s way to acknowledge its relationship with its partners and to deepen the bonds with its family. GKhair has been hosting the Passport to Success Cruise annually since the last ten years. The Passport to Success serves as an annual international conference for the brand.

The Passport to Success began in 2010 in Los Angeles. Since then the team meets every year. The international conference is important for the brand as it provides a relaxed and comfortable setting for the GKhair team to discuss with their distributors the brands opportunities and news for the coming year on a global basis. It is also an ideal setting for our distributors to engage with their international colleagues and share their success stories.

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Fun and Learning

After 2011, the Passport to Success conference evolved to become a 3 - days cruise trip for its educators, top clients and distributors. The cruise travels to different tourist destinations every year, making the trip a memorable one. The cruise trip has award presentation ceremonies every year for GKhair distributors. There are on the go learning and educational sessions with GKhair Educators. The sessions explain objectives and direction for moving forward in terms of new products’ launches, training and business strategies. The trip also hosts a conference meeting for all GKhair distributors and a chance to connect with each other. The GKhair Passport to Success is not just about education and meetings, there is some exclusive pleasure time for the GKhair guests as well. The soothing on sea experience and the musical nights is a plus to the cruise trip.

The annual Passport to Success conference is purposed to create a culture of team work and partnership and develop interaction among educators and team members from all over the world. Sharing a 3 days long trip enables the worldwide team to meet each other and appreciate each other's ideas and work. The GKhair team shares ideas and the entire team is briefed with the company's next year's vision. The team then develops and works on the basis of that vision and plan.

Passport to Success 2017 Cruise Trip

The last Passport to Success Cruise traveled from Miami to the Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos which marked the 10th year anniversary of the company. The Passport to Success 2017 hosted 148 attendees from all over the world. The guests shared ideas, learned about new products and launches and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The company announced its eCommerce site; Tibolli.net on the cruise 2017 which links the distributor, salons/stylist and consumer. GKhair also introduced its Mobile Shopping App on the cruise.

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Passport to Success 2018

The Passport to Success 2018 Cruise will be travelling from Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico through the Caribbean. The 4-day trip is filled with loads of entertainment and endless activities. GKhair plans to introduce some new product launches in its hair care line this year. The cruise trip will be a fun packed experience with hundreds of amazing on board activities and enjoyment on the Mexican Island. If you want to be a part of this years Passport to Success, hurry up and reserve your place now!