GKhair was Bright and Beautiful at Premiere Orlando 2019

This year, GKhair was bright and beautiful at one of America’s top beauty trade shows, Premiere Orlando 2019. There was so much activity going on at the event overall. Especially, the GKhair stage welcomed a thronging crowd on both days of the event. With the new flat irons recently launched and an innovation in hair coloring by Federico Longo, GKhair had a lot to offer for hairstylists attending the event.

Bamboo Color by Federico Longo

Many international artists represented the brand at the event and carried out various hair transformations. These transformations embodied coloring, cutting and styling techniques. Federico Longo from Italy displayed his recently developed technique of hair color which we call the Bamboo Color. This innovative technique enables you to lighten and color hair at the same time. Apart from that, some other very diligent hair artists also displayed their individual skills over a span of two days. A huge audience consisting of hair stylists from multiple states of America took keen interest in education at the GKhair stage.

GKhair Artists at Premiere Orlando 2019

Tricia Ostrom, very passionate about color, showcased her skills with balayage, color melt, designer colors and styling. Juanel Pacheco’s unique hair cutting techniques attracted a huge audience. Additionally, Keva Davis’s hair taming, braiding and styling skills remained particularly popular as well. GKhair has also recently launched three new flat irons, namely One Control Titanium Flat Iron, D700 Titanium Flat Iron, and Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron. Juanel commented that these irons were his perfect partner throughout the event. All GKhair artists who participated on the GKhair stage shared a common love for education. This contributed immensely to the success of the event. The famous Venezuelan hair artist, Andrés Aragòn spent time with the GKhair team, praising the meticulous artists at work. The onlookers were particularly enthusiastic about Bamboo Color which claimed limelight during the event. The CEO of GKhair, Mr Van Tibolli remained busy greeting and welcoming guests at the GKhair stage and discussing the progress of the event. It was an amazing experience for the GKhair team to see artists and partners from different areas coming in to appreciate the show. Events like these serve as an opportunity for the global haircare community to gather and share their ideas among each other. Therefore, GKhair focuses on being part of all these events. Stay tuned for something even grander next year!
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