GKhair Unveils Latest from the Jaw Dropping "Bombshell Series"

GKhair has added to its Bombshell Series New Products to enhance the color experience while simultaneously improving hair fiber and hair affinity. GKhair's concept has always been to deliver high quality products that provide healthy hair solutions because GKhair believes that your hair needs nourishment and deserves the best when it comes to care.

Now GKhair is ready to officially launch Color Masques as the newest editions to the Bombshell Series. These products include deep conditioning color Masques; Red Red Bombshell, Lavender Bombshell, Ultra Blonde Bombshell and the first ever just for blonde styling companion, Leave-In Bombshell Cream. These incredible new products will blow you away with the intense pigments and superior conditioning.

Let’s jump in to each product and find out the details for each.

Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque

Eliminating brassy tones and leaving behind only cool blonde hues, the GKhair Ultra Blonde Bombshell works efficiently for the blondes. When the lightening wreaks havoc on your strands, this cool product will not only boost blonde tones but will also strengthen each strand for a radiant and shiny result. Elixir of wheat proteins, natural extracts and Vitamin E, Ultra Blonde Bombshell helps in revival of color while boosting hair shafts. Call it a magic eliminator of brassy tones. We know your brittle strands need some love and we are here to give it to them.

Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque, Bombshell Series

Leave-In Bombshell Cream

GKhair Leave-In Bombshell Cream is perfect for maintaining cool blonde hues prepared by using Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque. This cut-to-role cream works wonderfully to keep the tresses shiny and radiant after the application of bombshell masque on a daily basis while styling at home. Not only does this leave-in tones the brassy shafts but also keeps them richly moisturized. It is best to sedate frizz and protection against split ends while neutralizing yellow and orange tones. This styling wizard has in it ingredients of Juvexin, Coconut Oil, Acai and Natural Fruit Extracts for anti-aging and hair nourishment. Best for styling and toning blonde hair, this leave-in cream has rich moisturizers to soften and nourish hair while toning.

GKhair Leave-in Bombshell Cream (2)

Lavender Bombshell Masque

Having a concoction of organic lavender essential extracts, this amazing product shows our love for finer ingredients with natural origin. GKhair Lavender Bombshell is a color masque that moisturizes your hair and adds intense purple pigment to your hair. This is a great refresher for color in between coloring to brighten your look. It not only makes your hair beautiful but also finds its better nature with relaxing fresh aroma.

Semi-permanent shiny pigment with high affinity of hair fiber, that’s GKhair Lavender Bombshell for revitalizing and enhancing hair color for 8-10 washes.

Lavender Bombshell Masque, Bombshell Series

Red Red Bombshell Masque

Red hair since the beginning of time is a sure way to turn heads. Keeping this fact in mind GKhair has especially added to Bombshell Series, Red Red Bombshell color masque to keep your colored tones moisturized by improving color intensity with vibrant pigments. From improving natural gloss of your hair to color enhancement and maintaining hair integrity, this masque covers it all. GKhair Red Red Bombshell Color masque is semi-permanent hair color that is best for improving color intensity and overall condition of hair, giving it more shine for 8-10 washes.

Red Red Bombshell Masque,Bombshell Series

For best results apply GKhair Bombshell Masques on pre-lightened hair. To find out more see this video.

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