Hair Problems in Winter 2022- Expert Solutions!

Winter and hair problems go hand in hand. Just as you enjoy snowflakes, rains and cold air, you’re also tired of dry, brittle hair and static charge. There is just too much to deal with in terms of hair and it’s all connected to one thing: dryness. Therefore, It’s important to not let your hair dry and dehydrate, and maintain its natural moisture levels. Our experts also had a take on this and suggested some of the best solutions for the winter hair disasters. Here, have a look at these common winter hair concerns and their expert solutions!       


Frizz is among the most common concerns in winter and nothing can beat the way it takes a toll on your hair. Anything can set your hair to frizzy mode without any disclaimer, be it styling, combing, or even touching. Frizz is usually the result of dry hair as the hair gets dehydrated, it starts running off in different directions looking for moisture. Hence, the frizz.


The best way you deal with frizzy hair is moisture, therefore, provide as much moisture to your hair as you can. Use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo to gently cleanse the hair while retaining the hair moisture. GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo provides the best results in this regard, as its Juvexin-infused formula deeply nourishes the hair and keeps it healthy and hydrated. 


Before we answer why your hair is static, let’s get down to the basics and figure out what static is. Static charge, or static electricity is the presence of extra electrons around hair which get absorbed by the moisture in air. When the hair is dry and low on moisture, these extra electrons do not get absorbed and make the hair strands repel each other. 

Indoor static hair, although a trouble, isn’t as bad as outdoor static hair and can be treated by a small DIY hack such as a humidifier. Since the air indoor is drier than usual, a humidifier balances the humidity which reduces the static. As for outdoor static, make sure you apply a moisturizing leave-in product before leaving the house. GK Hair Leave-In Conditioners, Argan Oil Serum, and Cashmere Cream are some of the best choices for static hair. 


Greasy hair in winter? It does sound off given how drying winters can be. This is, however, a true story for many of our beauties, whose hair gets greasy to the point, they have to hide it under a beanie. This might sound even odder to you, but “dryness” is one of the reasons your hair feels oily. When dry air sucks the moisture out of your hair, the oil glands present in your skin produce more oils to compensate for the moisture loss. Hence, your hair feels greasier than usual. 

While dealing with oily hair in winter, the best strategy is to use a mild, sulfate-free cleansing shampoo which removes dirt and buildup while nourishing your hair, such as GK Hair Balancing Shampoo. Plus, this might sound counterproductive, but limit your hair wash to only once a week. This will preserve the natural moisture of your hair, and eventually oil glands will adapt to it. You can keep your hair clean in-between washes with GK Hair Vegan Dry Shampoo, which absorbs dirt, sweat and oil from your hair and leaves it clean and bouncy. You can also get 20% OFF of our Dry Shampoo purchase from one-day sale on Dec 8th, 2022.


Yeah, we know the feeling of your hair feeling itchy to the point you want to scratch your skin off. Itchiness is also a common concern in winter, and the reason is dryness leading to flaky skin and dandruff. 

To prevent an itchy scalp, make sure your hair gets enough moisture. Give yourself a head massage with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with warm olive oil. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash the hair with GK Hair Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This sulfate-free, zinc-infused shampoo balances the pH level of your hair, treats dandruff and adds nourishment to dry hair. 

Winter does bring lots of hair care concerns along with it. However, with the right hair practice, you can definitely beat the damage and have beautiful, healthy hair when the spring arrives. We hope this blog was helpful. Follow @gkhair on social media and visit for Holiday Special Deals & Discounts.