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The 4th of July is celebrated throughout the U.S. with great enthusiasm and excitement, since the day marks the independence of the nation from British colonial rule. There are parades, feasts, fireworks, concerts, and much more to participate in and get excited about. The day, however, isn’t just about partying and fun. The celebration of Independence Day has its roots in the 18th century, 1776 to be precise, when the continental congress declared the liberation of American colonies from the British monarch. From that day on, July 4th became the day of celebrations and festivities and is announced as the national day of the United States.



How To Celebrate Independence Day 2022

Since Independence Day is a declared holiday, it is celebrated in all of its magnificence. From fireworks and feasts to picnics and carnivals, the day is full of fun and festivities. To help you plan a perfect holiday, we’ve jotted down a few practices that are common and yet fun. Keep reading!

  • Parades

Town parades and festivals are amongst the conventional traditions of Independence Day, and several towns host Independence Day parades featuring invited marching bands, floats, giant balloons, firetrucks and often large American flags to represent freedom, liberty and independence. One of the biggest parades is America’s National Independence Day Parade which takes place annually in Washington, D.C. Many plan their holiday accordingly to march in the parade, or to volunteer in organizing a grand activity.

  • Decoration

Festive decorations are in line when it comes to the most popular traditions of Independence Day. Decorations, like an American flag (or many; your choice), streamers, balloons, and banners representing red, white, and blue, all add to the decorum of the day. So whether you have a family reunion today, or a friends get-together, decorate your house and add vibrance to your party.

  • Firework Displays

Just like parades, there’s a huge display of fireworks annually on countless spots, representing the three main colors of the American flag, i.e., red, white, and blue. People, along with their loved ones, come out to witness this amazing sight. This traditional celebration has its roots in 1777, when in Philadelphia, 13 canons were fired in the honor of 13 original colonies which were liberated. The tradition continued to this day, where canons are replaced by fireworks to add more fun and colors to the day.

  • Family Reunions

Families benefit the most from this holiday as people get to reunite with their loved ones and relax together. Since the usual tasks are at halt, everyone finds it convenient to spend some time with their friends and families and eat, discuss, and reminisce. If you haven’t planned already, pick your cell phone and invite over your long-lost friends for a healthy, fun meetup.

  • Outfits

How can wearing outfits that represent the three main colors of the American national flag miss the list? Confused about your outfit for the day? Just pick either red, blue, or white, and you’re good to go. A combination of these colors would also work if you’re not a fan of looking monochromatic. As the day approaches, many apparel stores have their Independence Day offers going on. Just pick a dress you like and make the most of fourth of July deals.

  • Feast

A grand feast is everything to look forward to on Independence Day. A holiday moving towards conclusion with hamburgers, hotdogs, lamb chops, and much more is a must-have tradition. The dessert mainly contains independence day cupcakes with red, white and blue colors in the form of sprinkles, toothpick flags, or colorful doughs. A dining ware containing these three colors can add up to the ambiance of the day.

  • Carnivals

A carnival is also in line when it comes to Independence Day celebrations. Many people attend the carnival for amusement rides, thrilling games, and food and merchandise vendors, and enjoy during the holiday. This tradition is a big amusement, especially for children who enjoy entertainment.

  • Concerts

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate the holiday, an outdoor activity is what you need. Many cities organize and host fun concerts, theater performances and live films followed by brilliant fireworks. Just park your car in a drive-in theater, and enjoy a cozy evening filled with entertainment and fun.

  • Picnics

Picnics are a great way to add a bit of spark in a casual family reunion. This independence day, plan a perfect trip with your friends and family to a famous monument, a beach, a lake, or any other place that you want, and spend some great moments with your people.

  • Barbecue

No event is complete without a barbeque/cookout session with your loved ones. While you have them invited over, set up a grill, start making barbeque, and fill your outdoor air with an appetizing aroma.

And this concludes a rounded-up list of traditional, yet fun activities that you can add to your independence day routine to add a bit of extra fun. Enjoy freedom…wait! Do you really think you’re free? Think again. Is your skin free of harmful environmental pollutants? Is your hair free of harsh chemicals? While we’re prepping for independence day celebrations, let’s set our hair free of damage as well. Let it breathe freely with a hair care regimen that is free of harsh chemicals, such as GK Hair. 


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