How Do I Get More Clients for My Hair Salon?

When we start a business, we want it to flourish within days. But before you get a lot of clients, you need to consider yourself as one of your own client. You need to understand what you prefer as a client and analyze whether your business has those qualities. As a business you need to think of something which makes you different and better than the others around you. A hair salon is something that is rendering services to people. A salon gets business because of its better service and something different that it is offering.

We have some marketing tips for you to increase your clientele if you are a hair salon owner.



  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone:

Just sitting in your chair waiting for a customer won’t do a miracle. Customers don’t come until they know that you exist. You have to show yourself to the public. It is not necessary to think of something extreme, but do something to get yourself noticed. Maybe you can offer a discount or a deal or create a hairstyle or hair trend that has not been done by anyone.

  • What Is Your Unique Selling Point?

There is a hair salon in India where the stylist sets his clients hair on fire while cutting it. This is something that differentiates him from others in the vicinity. You can differentiate yourself from others by bringing a new color technique or introducing a new cutting style. Your USP can be anything. It can be your salon style or your way of hair styling.

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  • Reward Customers for Referrals:

Hair Salon business runs on word of mouth. One satisfied and happy customer can bring you 10 customers and one unsatisfied customer can ruin even more customers. Think of a customer as your investment, and treat them with courtesy. Better hair results will refer more people to your salon. Offer a discount to someone who refers your salon to someone.

  • Offer Free Haircuts at Events:

Public events can be places where you can find every kind of clients. No one says no to a free haircut. And if that free haircut is good, you have scored yourself a new customer! Just set up a booth with your logo as a backdrop and start exhibiting your skills. Distribute flyers and coupons among people. People who will get the free haircut will surely tell the story to friends and family.

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  • Announcing Discounts on Different Occasions:

Giving discounts on hair treatments or haircuts on big days such as the International Women's Day or Mother’s Day. You can also send a special discount offer to your customer on their birthday which will increase their loyalty towards you.

  • Promote Your Salon on Social Media:

Create your pages and channels on all social media websites. You should post images of your salon on your pages to attract and tempt people to visit the salon. Your Facebook and Instagram pages should act as your websites. You should add your contact and add a booking facility on the page. Post images of the new hair transformations and color applications you have done. Post general content about your industry to attract more traffic to your page. Become a source of information on your pages which will increase the trust of people for you. Create a theme of your salon in minds of people so that they desire to visit. Post step by step videos of transformations. Hire a professional to run your social media pages.

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  • Offer a Deal for Everyday:

You should create a deal according to your convenience for every day. Give people an addiction for your salon. People should know that if it is Monday, your salon would be giving 25% off and if its Saturday they can get 30% off. Offer them with packages during holiday season or at the beginning of a festival. Discounts will lower down your profit a bit but you will get a huge number of clients which will make you earn more.

  • Mobile App:



It is an era of information technology. Every user demands convenience and agility. A mobile app for your salon will allow customers to approach you easily! Make them book their appointment online via the app so that they can reach you while sitting at home.