How To Achieve Straight Sleek Hair

We all know stick straight, sleek, ultra-shiny strands are some of the most coveted looks around these days. Some women always have perfect hair and trust us, they work a lot to achieve this perfection. In order to have perfectly straight, smooth and sleek hair, a little care and work goes a long way. The results would be worth the effort and you would love your sleek hair. if you want to achieve that sleek do in the best possible way, you’re at the right place. Scroll down and find out more about how to achieve straight, sleek hair.

Get Your Hair Ready

Like most great styles, a sleek mane starts in the shower. In order to equip your hair with the added boost it needs to tame frizz, you must go for a specific shampoo and conditioner that is designed to combat this issue. When it comes to smoothing hair care products, they actually add moisture to your hair and it determines how your finished style will look. Leaving the conditioner on for two minutes, make sure you coat your strands thoroughly. Try to rinse your hair gently and thoroughly with cooler water, for the best look.

GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo&Conditioner


While drying your hair after shower, don’t start scrubbing your head with towel. It will not only tangle hair but will also make it rough and prone to frizz. What you can do instead, is to pat it dry with a high absorption towel.

Hair Drying

Make sure your hair is dry before using flat iron. The best option is to let your hair dry on its own however it will take much longer for those having long or really thick hair. If you can’t air dry, you can dry hair using a blow dryer. Make sure to point the dryer down rather than up and that you aren’t holding the hot air in a single place without distributing it evenly. Both these mistakes would lead to frizz making it harder to achieve the desired look.

GKhair Feather Light Blow Dryer

Choosing Iron

With variety of different options, the market has literally hundreds of flat irons available. An iron with the right features will give you the hair you want, every time you straighten your hair. When you are on the go, it is easier to take along a slim or thinner design. It also helps you make sure that you don’t try to do too much hair at once. An iron that uses titanium plates is your best choice as it distributes heat evenly and straightens your hair with much lower heat settings. Your locks would be damaged less when exposed to lower heat settings and above all it will help you get a sleeker finish.

GKhair Flat Iron

Heat Settings

Setting the right temperature for your flat iron is really important. It is important that you are using a flat iron that is calibrated for different heat settings giving you the option to choose the optimal temperature for your hair texture and type. Damaged or thin hair should be fine with settings from 250 to 300 degrees whereas for medium hair 300 to 350-degree range is fine. For those having super coarse or thick hair should stick with the 350 to 400-degree range.


Never forget to spray a heat protectant before using a flat iron. This will not only add moisture but also create a shield from heat. It is recommended to straighten small sections of hair by starting an inch from the roots so that you can maintain body. Make sure you aren’t holding the flat iron on one section and run the iron at an even pace. Continue this process till your hair is straight.

GKhair Thermalstyleher

Once finished, add a shine spray or flexible hair spray to make sure the hair holds and you get a sleek hair look all day.