How to create a Bright Blonde Balayage

Summer is here and with that, the undying love for blonde is in the air! To prepare artists for the blonde marathon they’ll be doing now, Mallery Share was at the BTC House with GKhair recently where she went live, showcasing a beautiful and bright blonde balayage. In this post, you can learn all about this gorgeous transformation in detail.

Formula Used

She used GKhair Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder and 30 Volume Cream Developer mixed in the ratio of 1 : 1.5 She also added Shield Additive+ to the mix which ensures extra protection for hair.

Model and her hair

The model for this transformation was Samantha Jojola. She was naturally blonde with fine hair. Moreover, Samantha had had a balayage in October. Therefore, this application served as more of an intense touch up for her.
She explained how she prefers a thick consistency in her lightening mixture for fine hair for a smooth application. For coarse hair, she said she would prefer a more fluid consistency.
Application and Processing

Step One

Mallery began the application from the nape of the neck where she separated a thin section of hair at the hair line and gently painted it from the underneath. This would ensure that Samantha’s hair looks perfectly done even when she pulls it up in a bun.
Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder hardens on hair and there is no need for foils, however, Mallery used cellophane sheets on each section to avoid mess and to keep the product moist.

Step Two

Taking very thin sections, she began painting the hair with her lightening mixture. She explained how she started painting with a light hand, gradually increasing the pressure while moving towards mid lengths. She finished each section by tipping of the ends. With this technique, she made sure that no harsh lines or spots would appear giving an unnatural appearance in the end.

Step Three

The lightener was left on the hair for a processing time of 45 minutes. For toning, she used Juvexin Cream Color 10.12 and 8 Volume Developer. Afterwards, it was washed out with Silver Bombshell Shampoo. Mallery then blow dried her hair and styled it in different ways to highlight the new bright blonde balayage. Watch a step by step video of the transformation here.
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