How to Prolong Keratin Treatments with GKhair

Keratin treatments are a great way to ensure that your hair looks its best even without salon appointments. They add shine and body to your hair and reduce the styling time considerably. Not only that, they also help restore health to your hair by fixing damage and protecting against future harm to your lovely strands.

However, most of you might have noticed that at times, the results of a keratin treatment don’t last as long as promised. Let us tell you why this happens and how GK Hair can help you to prolong keratin treatments. A keratin treatment works on the principle of locking keratin in your hair strands under the cuticle layer with heat. Since your hair keeps growing, a keratin treatment is only a prolonged solution to your hair problems rather than a permanent one. A common mistake that you might be doing with keratin treatments is neglecting proper aftercare instructions.

Post-Treatment Care During the First 48 Hours

In most cases, you cannot wash your hair for 48 hours after you have had a treatment. Try not to even pull your hair up in a ponytail which might crease your hair. We also advise the clients to not indulge in physical activities which might cause sweating and sebum production in the scalp. You might be tempted to wash your hair straight away the moment it starts appearing oily. As an alternative for a hair wash, you can use GK Hair Dry Shampoo during these 48 hours to get a freshly washed look.

How to Prolong Keratin Treatments in the Long Run

A common mistake that you make with keratin treatments is the use of unsuitable products. GK Hair is one of the brands that offers a complete range of aftercare products which enhance the results of the treatment. It is extremely important to use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner after a keratin treatment. Sulfates in regular shampoos are responsible for creating the foamy lather while washing. On the flip side, they rip the essential moisture from your hair, drying it out in the longer run. Furthermore, sulfates also rip the keratin locked in your hair, decreasing the life of your treatment. Therefore, it is extremely important to use only a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner after you get a keratin treatment. GKhair Aftercare line contains Juvexin – a keratin anti-aging protein blend. This helps to enhance the results of the treatment with every wash. Another important step that a lot of people tend to skip is conditioning. While the shampoo that you use cleanses your hair of dirt and impurities, conditioner adds moisture.

Protect keratin treated hair in the pool

Furthermore, if you're about to expose your hair to the pool water or ocean water, make sure that you give it the necessary protection. GK Hair Leave-in Spray creates a protective shield over your hair, preventing damage from salinity and harsh chemicals.

Maintenance of Keratin Treatments

Once you get a keratin treatment, we recommend that you reinforce its results with professional services such as deep conditioning. Deep Conditioner provides intense repair and conditioning to your strands along with smoothing. The results of this service last for 8 – 10 washes. A couple of months after you get your treatment you might observe that your hair is dulling down. That’s when deep conditioning plays its role. To put it simply, Deep Conditioner refreshes the results of a keratin treatment.

Refresh keratin treatments with Deep Conditioner


If you have color and keratin in your hair at the same time, look for color enhancers that would condition your hair at the same time. GKhair Color Bombshell Masques are an excellent example. They are tinted conditioning masques that provide temporary color and are therefore great color enhancers. One of their many properties is that they are super compatible with keratin treatments.

Daily Hairstyling after a Keratin Treatment

Although a keratin treatment enables you to style your hair in considerably less time, you would require products and tools to pull off that perfect hairstyle. After a keratin treatment, it is important that you only use styling products that do not contain any harsh or abrasive chemicals. GKhair Styling Products are all infused with Juvexin and contain no harmful chemicals. These are crafted with the purpose of providing effortless styling to keratin treated hair without damaging the treatment.

styling after keratin treatments

You can use the GKhair Serum regularly after every wash for the sleek and glossy texture. Dry Oil Shine Spray gives you instant shine and fresh fragrance. Cashmere is a daily styling aid that won’t weigh your hair down. Using all of these products is like adding a dose of Juvexin to your hair, giving it all it needs to prolong the treatment.