How to transform from brunette to a fresh and beachy blonde

Dimensional blondes and cool tones in hair are the talk of the town these days. While you are all gearing up, getting your lighteners ready for your clients who want to go blonde, we are bringing you some amazing and useful tips from Mallery Share a.k.a Hello Balayage who shared these at the BTC House recently. She combined the traditional balayage with foilayage to create this lovely, fresh and beachy blonde. Her formula consisted of three different mixtures for lightening, base toning and mid-ends toning. She went in detail and explained tips to create a healthy blonde which, we believe, are going to come in handy this summer.

Formula used to create the beachy blonde look

Mallery’s lightener consisted of Juvexin Lightening Powder+ and 30 Volume Cream Developer mixed in the ratio of 1:2. On top of that, she added a splash of Shield Additive+ to the mixture. Shield Additive+ is a bond builder which provides extra protection to the hair during the lightening process. Moreover, toners consisted of Juvexin Cream Colors. The base toner included 1.1 oz of Juvexin Cream Color 7.7 and 8 volume developer. For mid-ends toning, she combined 0.7 oz of Juvexin Cream Color 10.12 with 0.2 oz each of Juvexin Cream Colors 10.7 and 8.12. She used 8 Volume Developer in this mix as well.Application, Processing and Styling

Step One – Sectioning

Mallery’s aim was to achieve an organic blend with interior dimensions and brightness around the face to create a fresh and beachy blonde look. She explained how sectioning plays a vital role in the process. To create interior dimensions, she used horizontal sections in the middle of the head. She used diagonal sections on the sides of the head to achieve bright shades across the face. She also used weaved sections and back-combed them while application. This technique helps to create a soft gradient and diffusion.

Step Two – Lightening

She applied the lightening mixture on the hair using a traditional balayage technique paired with foilayage. The key to a good transformation is thorough blending during the lightening process. In order to make sure that the blending is harmonious, she started with surface painting a section at the mid lengths, gently pulling the product up with her fingers to create a gradient. Then she placed it in the foil and saturated it from mid lengths to ends.Paint, paint, paint!

Step Three – Toning

After the lightener was allowed to sit for the processing time of about 45 minutes, she removed the foils and rinsed it out. Then she used her base toning mixture on the roots and mid-ends toning mixture from mid-lengths to ends, blending them both together with her hands. The color was allowed to sit for processing before she washed the hair again and proceeded to styling. And, voila! Aly got this summer perfect beachy blonde hair to flaunt!Perfect beachy blonde
Watch a step by step video on this transformation, here!