Have you ever created a harsh line of color thinking you have achieved a seamless blend during the application? There is not a more frustrating feeling when you are almost done and you find out the toning process didn’t go well. It is a worst nightmare to do it again and again so we put together some tips to help avoiding the mistakes in first place. Our experts at GKhair have come up with some tips to blend, blur and detangle for improving hair color application process. Check out the tips below along with some quickie videos from our experts on Instagram!

  1. Shadow Root

It happens most of the times that stylists get harsh lines during the toning process. It is because of the fact that they apply a dark shadow root well before any other tones, this results in causing exaggerated dark roots. Therefore, it is advisable to apply the shadow and toning formula at the same time and blend section wise. “During toning or color blending/melting I always do it on damp hair. It prevents demarcation on overly porous hair.” says, GKhair expert Maria Rivera.

In order to make fashion colors look as “natural” as possible one should tone the roots a shade darker than the rest of the hair so they don’t appear too vibrant.
  1. Balayage Bleed

Over saturation is common with balayage leading to bleed marks. It is recommended to blur out excess product and distribute evenly. “Usually bleed marks are caused during the lightening process. Avoid folding your foil packets too tightly and feathering your lightener towards the root area is helpful to avoid this. Also, do not apply too much product.” Says GKhair expert, Andrea Day.

  1. Hair Integrity

It should be kept in mind that during all this process your hair becomes fragile because of the altered bonds and changes in hair elasticity. It is therefore important to treat wet hair gently while detangling as some brushes can tear weakened hair.

One of our hair experts at GKhair, Andrea Day suggest, “Always keep wiping your gloves if working with multiple colors.”

And there you have it–easy peasy solutions to the most common hair color application mistakes and you can see, there are no hard rules when it comes to applying hair color. Clients are quite particular, and never want their roots to show, while others don't mind going a little longer between touch-ups. But, no matter how often a client visits the salon or gets salon services, don't forget the importance of caring for your hair between colorings.

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