How To Increase Summer Profit For Your Salon

Summer is a great time to increase profits. But how? Your clients love summers and with the opportunity you should love the summers too! As it brings the time to make more out of your business by adding on services to increase the average spending of your clients on their salon visits. You must have a strategic marketing plan for every season which means offering services that will provide healthy hair solutions according to their habits and practices for a particular season. With summer being one of the most popular seasons, create a campaign to promote the appropriate products and services below. Here are three steps to Increase Summer profit for your salon.

1.Spot promotions.

Make a list of retail products that will suit best for the summers in order to tone hair and skin. You can also add services to create trendy summer looks. Here are a few go-to options to better serve your campaign this summer.

  • Summer Hair Care Products
  • Sun Protection Products
  • In-salon Conditioning Treatments
  • Haircut and Color on Trend

2. Marketing Summer Offers.

Summer style can be picked as marketing campaign and picture can be painted in the minds of clients to support add-on services and retails sales. You can use your website and social media to support a summer marketing campaign by:

Placing special offer posts on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook

Showcasing latest color creations or haircuts on Instagram

Sending Newsletters containing product recommendations and photos

Blogging about fresh offers and products

 Summer Offers

3. In-salon Tools To Increase Retail Sales.

Mix your service with a specific product to create a great campaign to increase awareness of the many care options available:

Offering conditioners at discounted price with the purchase of a specific hair service

Brand in-salon signage based at summer offers to attract new customers

Create summer products/ services broachers with latest hair trends

Recommend highlights, either traditional or Balayage

 In-salon Tools

Summer is considered a vibrant season and a great time of the year to suggest highlights and balayage services. Always capitalize from this season with color services as they are the most profitable add-on services. Since most of the clients spend their time in the outdoors during the summers exposing hair to the sun, water and wind this is a great time to promote a conditioning treatment or color sealing service.

Many of you already know that special connection between a hair stylist and his/her client is a relationship far beyond the traditional client service . Moreover, most true friendships do not occur over night, and must be steadily earned in time. Make this summer a great opportunity to build a healthy relationship with your clients for the greater goodwill and profitability.