Keratin Treatment—What You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about keratin hair treatments

Have you ever experienced even a smidgen of frizz before? Do you really want silky, swingy, frizz-free hair? Have you ever been told by your stylist to try keratin treatment? Well, probably its your best bet to go for keratin treatment, a miracle way to get glossier, smoother and shinier hair just like a piece of silk.

It has to be kept in mind that keratin treatments or smoothing treatments are not made equal therefore they are not meant for every hair texture. So, before you commit our experts at GKhair have singled out every single fact about keratin treatment and what you need to know.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein and a major component of skin, nails and hair. Keratin-associated proteins are major constituents of hair. keratin gives protein protection to both cuticles (outer layers of hair) and also the cortex (inner core of hair). When chemicals and external factors (sun or water) damage hair physically, keratin in hair is depleted. Since the Keratin is lost, the hair ‘s cortex is more susceptible to damage like dead and split ends and frizzing. Keratin fights backs by restoring the hair strands to make them smooth and whole again. Keratin

What Is Keratin Treatment?

All the lost keratin from hair can be restored by a keratin smoothing treatment at salon. This smoothing treatment works in a way to bind a liquid version of keratin that is combined with a chemical preservative to hair while blow drying it into hair and then using flat iron to lock it. The hair smoothing process will lock out frizz by preventing humidity to penetrate the hair. So, how we define a keratin treatment? Keratin straightening treatment is aimed to help restock the lost protein with the help of a formula containing keratin (among other ingredients). This formula helps strengthen the hair shafts and help them smooth the surface which in turn leads to frizz-free, silky hair. The process goes like: Once you have decided to go for this treatment and you are in a salon chair, stylist would apply a keratin formula on to your hair. The stylist will then seal the formula with the help of a very hot flat iron. This heat along with other chemicals in the keratin treatment at home formula will activate the straightening effect. Enjoy the smooth silky feel of your hair.

Is Keratin Smoothing Treatment Good For Hair?

Many people believe in this myth that keratin treatment at home can result in hair breakage. However, the fact of the matter is using flat iron to straighten hair can lead to some breakage and that too because of too hot temperature. Keratin treatment is a healing therapy that improves the quality of hair and strengthens them. It not only makes your hair poker straight but also makes them feather silky and soft. This smoothing treatment gives you a poker-straight hair look and you can say good-bye to unmanageable frizzy hair. Now you don’t have to focus more on hair styling while planning to step out of your house. Despite the fact that it has some side effects, it should not hinder your way of having gorgeous, straight and silky hair. All you have to do is follow simple precautions and hair care tips in order to avoid side effects and gain maximum benefits out of keratin treatment.

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

If you are tired of getting your hair straightened, you can consider a popular hair straightening treatment-keratin treatment. This will definitely help you get rid of daily hair straightening routine. With the amazing results, you can defy even the curliest of locks and the best part is it lasts for quite a long time. The process of going from curly to straight hair starts by shampooing. A clarifying shampoo is going to be your best call to cleanse your hair from any build-ups. Typically, it is followed by a straightening treatment applied on the on the damp hair which is then blown dry. After this flat iron is used to straighten the hair and then the hair is rinsed again without shampoo. A conditioning masque is then applied that sits on the hair for a minute before being rinsed. A styling serum is applied after the masque is rinsed off and the hair is blown dry once again. Once all this process is done you won’t believe your straight hair that requires little styling time for maintenance. These steps vary from stylist to stylist and may not involve all the steps mentioned. It also depends upon the type of keratin treatment a specific salon is offering. Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

Keratin Treatment Before And After

The keratin treatment at home is soaked on the hair for some time and then flat iron is used with an extremely hot temperature in small sections. Here you go! After flat iron session you are good to go with silky smooth hair. The length of time keratin treatment last for almost six months and in some cases, it goes more than that. It should be kept in mind that specific styling products should be used after this amazing treatment for maximum, long-lasting results. We recommend GKhair shampoos and conditioners along with hair serums to maintain the frizz free, smooth strands. This amazing treatment wears off gradually so there is no line as your hair grows out as with other straightening processes. Now you have flexibility as to when you repeat treatments and it’s not a huge commitment to try it once. The Best Keratin Treatment

The Best Keratin Treatment at Home

If you are looking for the best keratin treatments products that can help you achieve straight, smooth and soft hair, we have this one amazing treatment to go for that will make you fall in love with your hair. GKhair The Best Hair Keratin Treatment, by the name it shows the commitment to be on the top when it comes to taming unruly, frizzy curly hair. its top qualities will reduce hair stiffness and cause the natural curls to be soft and smooth. The Best is infused with Juvexin which is a natural protein, having anti-aging attributes. Juvexin penetrates through the hair follicles and helps in nourishing and conditioning shafts. There is less brush entanglement after the use of the best treatment.

Keratin Treatment Cost

Keratin Treatment may cost you from 250-400 USD depending upon the length of you hair and salon you opted for. But this treatment is worth the amount as it can tick your frizzy hair off and give you the smooth and shiny mane which you always dreamt of.