Light Hold Hair Spray - Surprising Ways to Increase Client Satisfaction

The GKhair Light Hold Hair Spray has become an important part of in-salon hair styling traditions. Many hair professionals have come to realize the ease and the versatility it provides that eventually helps in achieving increased client satisfaction. Many hair artists say that Light Hold Hairspray is the perfect way to set your clients style before they leave the salon. Clients like the feeling on their hair of the Light Hold Hairspray because it does not leave the hair crunchy or sticky but keeps their hair in place easily and effectively. After years of experience in creating euphoric hairstyles, hair salon professionals think that everyone can benefit from this product even at home with the quick and easy application!

We sat down with a few professionals with rich experience who shared clever tips and some well-kept secrets about how to attain maximum clientele satisfaction with just the basics to achieve fantastic results!

Quick Fix to Untamable Flyaways.

It was revealed that hair salon experts can smooth out flyaways to make them disappear by combing them down thoroughly and then spray on a light mist of GKhair Light Hold Hair Spray. Viola, bon voyage, flyaways!

Hair Falling Flat? Blast It With the Solution!

They have had so many beautiful patrons flipping their heads over and spraying with hairspray, then flipping back over to spray over again. It’s ideal but the hair experts said that they really don’t have to do that each time. The beauty of hairspray is imprecision. You don’t need to be precise with the spray, just hitting each and every angle would suddenly result in fuller hair, pretty fast!

Light Hold Hair Spray

Bangs Made Super Easy!

One of the hair specialists even said that she used to get so annoyed with bangs that were in between growing phases which were away from the face so she blow-dries them and then pins them up by using a regular flat hair clip to finish up styling the remainder of her hair. Once done, the hair clip is removed and the hair is sprayed to help it stay in place so that the length of hair and the bangs blend well with each other. Fake grown-out bangs are impossible to achieve without hairspray!

Frizz-free Follicles.

It is recommended using GKhair Light Hold Hair Spray for enhanced protection and so should every hairstylist. The spray creates a shield which not only guards against dryness but also against environmental elements, hint humidity! We all know that humidity can wreak havoc on dry hair so kill poufy-ness with this little secret!

Blowouts Last Longer!

Specifically designed for one main function, hairsprays hold a style. For instance, after using GKhair VolumizeHer spray on the roots and then styling hair which is topped off with GKhair Light Hold Hair Spray, the volume along with the style would be kept in place while allowing movement for hair. Unlike gels or pomades, it doesn’t induce build up!

GKhair Light Hold Spray

Pony-tails Worthy of the Red-Carpet.

Each time one creates a pony, it’s advised to pull hair up with a brush and then spray on the sides and the top for preventing wild flyaways. This little trade secret is great to make your clients appear chic, stylish and helps finish off with a polished look!

One Size Fits All!

Remember, it’s more about application than anything else. When sprayed from a distance of 12 inches, GKhair Light Hold Hairspray creates an even coating that is airy and wouldn’t weigh down heavily on even the very finest hair. With coarse and textured hair, a second coat would help lock in any style- one of the most versatile products in the kit, it can be used on any type of hair.

GKhair Light Hold Spray is created for styling hair with its light holding power. It allows hair natural movement while giving you control. It gives hair beautiful shine instantly, holds it flexibly in place and tames wild frizz. Juvexin and Pro-vitamin B5 helps keep hair fortified and provides strength to each hair strand along with unbeatable moisturizing effects.