Miami Bombshell Step By Step Hair Treatment

In our previous addition we educated our customers with “How to Learn and Master the Color Melting Techniques” in which GKhair’s educator explained about coloring techniques using Juvexin Cream Color. Today we would showcase our bestseller Hair treatment, Miami Bombshell.

Miami Bombshell is a smoothing treatment formulated specifically for blondes to tame hair, repair and neutralize unwanted brassy tones in the hair. Its keratin treatment will strengthen the hair structure by filling in the cuticles with Juvexin® and natural hair nutrients.


The main drive GKhair has pulled in recent times is improving user experience and customer education. We have always promised to fulfill hair needs with our bespoke products. In continuous pursuit of developing a great customer experience we have developed a series of videos explaining the application of our products in different steps.

Let us have a glance:
  1. Wash Hair.
Shampoo twice with GKhair pH+ Shampoo which works as a pre-treatment cleansing shampoo to all of the GKhair taming systems.

Washing Hair, Step1
  1. Section the hair
Divide hair into four sections

Sectioning Hair, Step2
  1. Application
Apply GK Hair Miami Bombshell Treatment evenly throughout the hair with an application brush, 0.5 cm from the scalp to the ends, removing excess product from the hair with a fine-tooth comb.

Application, Step3, Hair Treatment
  1. Process
Place a plastic cap on the model under the heater and process for 30 minutes.

Processing, Hair Treatment
  1. Wash Hair again
Shampoo with Silver Bombshell and rinse to the point the water runs almost clear.

Washing, Hair Treatment
  1. Drying Hair
Use Featherlight Blow Dryer with round brush for 100% dry hair.

Hair Drying, Hair Treatment
  1. Seal Cuticle

Use Flat iron on hair to seal the cuticle.

Seal Cuticle, Hair Treatment

GKhair Silver Bombshell Shampoo is recommended to use after Miami Bombshell treatment.

Miami Bombshell look

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