Most Popular Hairstyles and Haircuts of 2017

It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, you just need the perfect way to style it. Hairstyles and Haircuts that have been referred to as unattainable in the past, due to social restrictions or lack of creative hairstylists, are trending these days. Whether you have straight, curly, long, short or wavy hair, you can look amazing within your genre. Women are experimenting different hairstyles and haircuts on their hair. Let’s see which trending haircut suits your hair type and gives you that chic look.

Popular Haircuts

  • Long Shiny Strands:

Long haircuts can never get out of style. The stylists predict that long strands are back in fashion. So, get ready to grow your glossy hair long and turn heads. Protect your long hair with the GKhair Juvexin Shield Shampoo and give it a dose of Juvexin keratin with the GKhair Leave In Cream.

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  • Hair Shag:

Hair shags have been in fashion since last year, but don’t seem to be going out of trend. The shag can be varied in different styles according to your face shape. You need to ask your stylist to create soft lines with their scissors by point-cutting or using a razor. You can use the GKhair Light Hold Hairspray to make your shag intact and prominent. Heat-style for a polished look or use a the GKhair Hair Drier to dry your hair for something more lively and pleasurable.

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  • Mid-Length Chops:

A mid length chop or a shoulder length cut is trendy these days. It looks amazing on girls and the hair movement feels great. Get your hair more layered if you have thicker and curly hair and opt for lesser layering if your hair is less dense. Your mid length chops can be wavy or intensely sleek. It just depends on what you can carry. Use the GKhair Serum to get rid of frizz and flyaways for your Mid Length hair.

  • Short Haircuts/ Bobs:

Short haircuts and bobs are spreading fire on the internet. Every girl wants to have that cool and funky Scarlett Johansson look. Short haircuts start from pixie cut to short bobs and long bobs. You can go for a sleek and sharp jawline bob which ends at your jaw. Straight Bobs are the popular in short haircuts. Straight bobs look professional and classy if they are maintained efficiently. Use GKhair Cashmere to add shine to your hair and prolong your hair style.

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  • Natural hair textures and bangs:

Stylist recommend to rock your own natural look if you don’t spend much time on styling. Keeping your hair, the way it is, just trimming the ends can make you look simple yet elegant. Bangs are in style and can be combed any side to give you a new look every day. Just protect your natural hair texture with the GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo and GKhair Light Hold Hairspray to maintain the natural curls.

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Trending Hairstyles:

The famous hairstyles that are prevailing in the fashion industry this year are:

  • The Braid:

Braids are always graceful and elegant. Braids are great way to make your long hair beautiful. French braids and pigtail braids are low-maintenance and easy to deal with during high-humidity weather or on the beach.

  • The Pony Tail:

A pony tail can make you feel easy and chic at the same time. A relaxed ponytail with bangs at the side can look great. A high and tight pony can look hot and beautiful.

High Ponytail, Hairstyle, haircut

  • The Perms:

The Perms are back in style. Just grab the GKhair 4 in One Curling Iron and form tight bouncy curls to look amazing. This hair style is a personal favorite.

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  • Undone Updos:

Make your hairstyle airy and loose. Open layers on the face create the romantic essence of the 90s. Make a loose braid at the end.

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Use GKhair Products to maintain these hairstyles. Keep your hairstyles last longer with the GKhair Light Hold Hairspray. Avoid any flyaways and frizz with the GKhair with GKhair Serum or Cashmere and enjoy the intoxicating fragrance of these products. The 4 In One Curling Iron and the Hair Straightener by GKhair are amazingly handy tools to form professional hairstyles. All products from GKhair contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend optimized for hair strength and to rejuvenate hair to its youthful state. So, straight bobs or long strands leave it to GKhair. Because you are valuable.

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