NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHES! Learn more about the newest professional tool technology from GKhair

In today's fast-paced world, change is one of the constant factors. In order to grow and progress, a business requires innovations and improvements at every step. We, as a haircare brand, are continuously working to stay at par with the newest trends. According to our vision of delivering the best results to our customers, we constantly improve our products and tools. GKhair is gearing up for the launch of three new flat irons, introducing unique new features to help you step up your hair game! These irons were revealed for the first time at the Passport to Success 2019.

Competitive in design and very inclusive in technology, the new flat irons are equally fit to be used by salon professionals and end-users. These flat irons come with a dual voltage which enables you to use them even when you are traveling. It's hard to keep flat irons out of the picture when we talk about hair styling these days.

Features of the New GKhair Flat Irons

Let's have a look at what these new flat irons have to offer!

One Control Titanium Flat Iron

One Control Titanium Flat Iron has a temperature range of 248°F to 450°F (120°C to 232°C) and features extra-large titanium plates which are 4.7 inches long and 2.4 inches wide (12cm x 6.15cm). The sizable plates make this flat iron perfectly suited to any length and texture of hair, making it your perfect styling partner in the salon and at home. It comes with only one button which regulates all the settings of the tool, ensuring a smooth, hassle free styling experience every time. It further includes a multi-gear temperature adjustment feature and has a touchtone intelligent temperature control. These features minimize the risk of over burning the hair while styling it in half of your usual styling time!

Have a look at the new One Control Titanium Flat Iron

D700 Titanium Flat Iron

D700 Titanium Flat Iron features titanium plates and has a unique wet and dry function. Its temperature range is adjustable between 122°F to 450°F (50°C to 232°C) allowing you to choose the perfect temperature according to the texture of hair and the desired results. Titanium plates help to cancel out the electrostatic charge in the hair, delivering a frizz-free, smooth finish to any style. Furthermore, it has an automatic two hours shut off function. These sleek and stylish plates are 4.7 inches long and 1 inch wide (12cm x 2.5cm) and ensure a perfect styling experience every time.

Have a look at the new D700 Titanium Flat Iron

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron comes with a digital touch screen interface which makes it easier to use. You can regulate the temperature between 195°F to 450°F (90°C to 232°C). For further simplification, we have incorporated the feature of temperature conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. All this can be managed with a modern, user-friendly digital interface with the utmost ease. Besides this, it features 4 inches long and 1.7 inches (10cm x 4.4cm) wide titanium plates for a sleek and smooth finish to your style. The large size of these plates makes them fit to be used on any length and texture of hair, whether in a salon or at home, reducing the styling time into half.

Have a look at the new Easy Control Titanium Flat Iron

They are designed in a way to suit all your styling purposes. Therefore, whether you're using them at a salon or at home, be sure that with one of these high-tech tools, your styling experience will be amazing, every time!

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