A New Year, A New Beginning, A New Us!

Fare Thee Well, Oh Fruitful 2018! Welcome, 2019! It’s been a busy 2018 for GKhair. The year saw resolutions turn into revelations. It was a time filled with inspiration, joy, excitement, hope, and gratitude. It was a year of perception-altering innovation, vital improvement, and massive empowerment. The new year promises us a second chance. But this time, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever! One of the greatest minds of the 20th century, Albert Einstein, once said that “life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, one has to keep moving forward.” True to the letter and spirit of these powerful words, GKhair has taken this golden saying and molded its destiny through hard work, commitment and the blessing of the global GKhair family. As the ball drops in Time’s Square on new year’s eve, so will the traditional task of setting new objectives and new goals. Bringing renewed excitement and optimism, this is a powerful time. It is a personal time. A time of reflection. Reflecting on achievements, shortcomings, and direction. Speaking of achievements, the last year was a successful one for GKhair, gaining trust, admiration, and love worldwide. GKhair is taking hair to the next level. Great-looking, healthy hair can change lives and it can nurture confidence. Being in the business of offering tons of confidence to its clients, GKhair proactively contributes to the changes in the lives of millions across the globe. Here are just a few of the year’s memorable highlights that helped GKhair gather immense support, affection, and friendship throughout the world. New Products

Products Launched

Bombshell Series We believe that hair needs nourishment and you deserve the best when it comes to hair care. With that in mind, the year oversaw the release of the Bombshell Series with the Lavender, Red Red, Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masques along with the Leave-In Bombshell Cream. These intensifying masques color hair with luscious vibrancy while promoting its health. Say goodbye to the days when hair coloring took hours and hours. The Bombshell Series gets the job done in minutes! Styling Tool Remaining true to the GKhair Promise, GKhair is actively pursuing advanced and cutting-edge technology to be able to deliver state of the art styling tools that make lives easier. One of GKhair’s newest products makes life easier but, at the same time, saves your time for a smooth, flawless styling experience; the Ion Pro Blow Dryer. Designed for easy-use, durability and packed with the latest infrared and ionic technology, this professional styling tool is crafted for power, maximum control, and minimum hair damage. 421544523732_.pic_hd

Global Events

GKhair rocked the stage at the prestigious Premiere Orlando held in Florida and stole the show at the Beauty World Middle East Trade Fair where masses showed immense interest in GKhair. Also, spectators were left awed with GKhair’s innovative product line and services on various occasions internationally. The attending masses were thrilled at 14 different events held in various parts of the world including China, Costa Rica, France, India, Russia, and the UK, to mention a few, and the reactions were inspiring where we exhibited acclaimed GKhair services like The Best Hair Taming System (ranked no.1 worldwide for hair smoothing). GKhair swept the global audience off its feet while creating a massive hype that attracted diverse crowds. Training

International Education

Team GKhair’s Change Agents are at the forefront of global skilled education for hair care professionals. Conducting 100s of educational and training classes this alone year to train thousands of hair artists. Stunning the crowds and receiving applauds, the response from the assemblies were sensationally positive. Style and other experts of the beauty industry were part of the educational training sessions that made it even more interesting. Saying goodbye to the year 2018 and greeting the new one with open arms, GKhair’s ravishing success is well-deserved. Being immensely excited about 2019, we are already journeying towards improvement in terms of R&D along with product innovation. GKhair will continue on with its pledge of delivering innovative and practical solutions to the global GKhair family. We wish all our global family, viewers and readers the very best of luck and prosperous, abundantly joyous new year!