Passport to Success 2019 - A Journey to Unite Possibilities

Countless ideas cross our mind at any given hour. Some of them die as soon as they’re born while some find their way to discussions over coffee. Some ideas, however, reach the level of execution. Sheer passion drives these ideas towards successful culmination. The inception of GKhair is the example of such an idea. Since it came into being, the brand has been constantly bringing innovations in the hair care industry. Over the years, it has climbed fairly high on the ladder towards success. The road to success is that which defines new standards for progress with every step you take. It is not an easy road; it throws a new hurdle at you every day. You write your history as you move along, dodging and fighting every hurdle. GKhair’s journey has not been any different. They have marked their history in a continuation of an annual event, Passport to Success which dates back to 2009. GKhair family gathers annually to glance back at the milestones they achieved and to plan changes for the future.

Passport to Success Over the Years

Since 2009, GKhair has been organizing annual trips to different parts of the world, giving their partners, a reason to unite and network together. It is a platform to discuss new ideas and pave new paths. From revolutionary product launches to introducing steps to facilitate partners, every year, Passport to Success has marked a step towards excellence. In 2017, GKhair celebrated its 10-year anniversary seafaring over crystal depths of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2018, GKhair made some prominent additions to its line of products. This year, however, is going to write a different story. 2019 is going to be all about celebration of the bond that GKhair forms with each partner as soon as their paths meet. It is going to be about cherishing all that has been achieved and looking into the future with a brighter vision.

Passport to Success 2019


This year, the annual congregation of the GKhair family will not venture deep and far into the sea. Instead, 2019 is going to be about nestling right in the lap of nature, among palm trees and sandy beaches of Phuket Island, Thailand. Passport to Success 2019 is a celebration of everything GKhair deems crucial to its progress. Passport to Success 2019 is not a mere journey – it is a Journey to Unite Possibilities.