Passport to Success – It’s that time of the year again!

GKhair’s grand annual event – Passport to Success – is once again approaching. As a tradition, the GKhair family gathers once a year for a trip. This journey entails meetings, conferences and lots of recreational activities, giving everyone a chance to share ideas. The global GKhair partners discuss new strategies to pave way for more progress and new milestones. Passport to Success began in 2009 and we’re upholding the legacy in 2020 as well. This year, the GKhair partners from around the world and some top salon clients and educators will gather up for the event on the 21st of February.

Passport to Success 2019 – A Journey to Unite Possibilities

Last year, we hosted the event in Phuket Island, Thailand among beaches and tropical beauty. GKhair partners from different regions of the world attended the event along with some of the brand’s educators. There were meetings and conferences that revolved around uniting possibilities for the brand’s future. We introduced some new products and tools at the event as well. Moreover, the educators carried out some amazing hair transformations using the new products and tools and their work was displayed at the event as well.

The Founder and CEO of GKhair, Mr Van Tibolli shared the story of the brand with the audience at Passport to Success 2019. He walked them through the tale of passion and hard work behind the growth of the brand. While building the brand, he made a point of attending every event and grabbing maximum opportunities.

Cruise to the Bahamas

Passport to Success 2020 is all set to cruise over Caribbean water to the Bahamian Islands. The destination for GKhair’s 2020 cruise is of prime importance. The Bahamas experienced one of the worst hurricanes ever impacting the Bahamas in 2019. Hurricane Dorian left a trail of devastation in the beautiful archipelago. It greatly affected the social life and economy. Being a popular tourist destination, the islands generate considerable revenue from tourism. Therefore, we chose the Bahamas for this year’s Passport to Success destination in solidarity with the region and its people


Besides, the four-day event will include fun activities for the attendees apart from business meetings and conferences. However, this year, the congregation will focus on maximizing growth opportunities for all partners and affiliated businesses.