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GKhair’s Bombshell Masques are an innovative set of conditioning hair masques. They come in three vibrant hues that are among the most popular hair colors: Red Red, Lavender and Ultra Blonde. Since their launch, we have received a tremendous amount of love and appreciation for them. Easy to use and replete with benefits, these masques are becoming the go-to color service for stylists and end users alike. Therefore, to bring you inspiration, in this post, we are featuring some works of amazing hair artists where they used Bombshell Masques to create fashionable looks.

Pristine Pearly Blonde by Blended Blondes

Blonde is a lovely hair color that never ranks down on the charts of popular hair colors. However, it is also the one most difficult to maintain owing to the warm tones that appear over time. Here you see a beautiful pearly blonde created by Blended Blondes using GKhair Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque.Popular Hair Colors - Pristine Pearly Blonde

Brunette Lavender by Svitlana Vechera

Brunette is a lovely hair color and is quite common as well. It's just amazing to see all the creative styles one can pull off with it. Here is a lovely and different take on brunette and lavender. Svitlana Vechera created this gorgeous look using GKhair Lavender Bombshell Masque.Popular Hair Colors - Brunette Lavender
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Copper Lavender Bob by Aurelie Michel

This elegant and stylish look is the perfect blend of work and play! Bright lavender with copper dimensions in a chic bob is all you need to stand out at office as well as in a party! With Bombshell Masques, you can save your precious time as they condition your hair as well as color it! Aurelie Michel created this style with Lavender Bombshell Masque.Popular Hair Colors - Copper Lavender

Voluminous Red Curls by Federico Longo

Red is one of the most popular hair colors beyond doubt and we simply can’t have enough of it. It’s bold, it’s playful, it’s elegant! Therefore, here is some red eye candy for you transformed by Federico Longo using Red Red Bombshell Masque.Popular Hair Colors - Voluminous Red
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