GK Hair Ion Pro Blow Dryer - The Professional Styling Tool!

Get ready to have your mind blown away with the brand new, ultra-modern GKhair Ion Pro Blow Dryer. This product is not just an average dryer! It makes sure each and every hair strand feels the heat while minimizing damage. Through the newly introduced infrared technology, it delivers the air-flow evenly through the hair. In addition, this durable product has the speed, power, and convenience all professionals need!

Ion Pro Model & Product

This dynamic blow dryer does an absolutely tremendous job by removing frizz from the hair because of the ionic technology. This results in beautiful manageable hair without any damage. Another reason the GKhair Ion Pro Blow Dryer is so advanced is because of the hardware. It can significantly reduce the time needed to dry your clients’ hair. Mentioned below is a list of all the extraordinary features that make this product stand out in the market and the beauty industry:


Ion Pro Model

Salient Features

Features that make this a perfect styling tool include:
  • The Ionic technology in this blow dryer offers ions to eradicate static charge which leads to smooth, frizz-free hair that is healthy-looking, shiny, and silky.
  • Protects hair health with heat flowing evenly due to the infrared technology. This allows each and every hair strand to feel the air.
  • The powerful, high-quality AC motor in this styling tool reduces the amount of time needed to dry hair.
  • The speed and temperature are adjustable which allows you to quickly change variables. The Cool Shot Function helps provide control over unruly flyaways for perfect hairstyles every time!
  • Lastly, the high-powered and advanced components of the Ion Pro are robust, reliable and state-of-the-art. This makes the product low-noise but powerful. Hairstyling isn't going to be noisy nor disturbing anymore!


Ion Pro features

Overall, GKhair’s Ion Pro Blow Dryer was created to enhance clients experience and ease in use. As a hair professional, styling your clients to look their best and to look absolutely flawless is the priority. It's not just the client who benefits from the Ion Pro. It is sure to assist in every way possible when it comes to making your job much easier. This is an ideal styling tool that won’t cause annoyance yet will fulfill all hair related needs with practical ease. Here's the video to understand more!