A Protective Shield for Damaged Hair

Hair, when exposed to environmental changes, chemical treatments and extensive styling becomes brittle, coarse and unhealthy. Overworked hair gets dry, damaged, frizzy and develops split ends. When you start noticing these symptoms in your hair, realize that you are suffering from internal hair damage. When your hair is weak and damaged internally you will face the indications externally. That is the time when you need a protective shield for your hair against damage.

Signs of damaged hair:

Extreme Breakage and Hair SheddingDamaged Hair, Brunette, Girl, GKhair, Treatment, Dry Hair

If you see a large amount of hair falling whenever you comb your hair, it is a sign of damaged hair.

Split Ends

If you see small, uneven strands sticking out at the end of your hair, you have split ends, a significant sign of damaged hair.

Tangled Hair

If you face too many hair tangles, you are suffering from internal hair damage. This shows that your hair is weak and gets tangled easily.

Dry Hair

Healthy hair is flexible and soft, not brittle and dry. When the amount of moisture inside your hair tube is very low your hair becomes dry on the outside.

Damaged Hair, Latina, Curly, Girl, GKhair, Treatment, Dry HairLusterless Hair

Dull hair is a sign of internal damage. The original shine of your hair goes away with styling and use of chemical products.

Hair Texture and Porosity:

What do you feel when you move your hand through your strands? If it feels bumpy and rough, your hair is damaged. Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb moisture. Your hair needs to be at a normal level of porosity to absorb moisture and prevent it from escaping.

Almost everyone gets hair treatments, everyone gets color treatments and uses heat tools. Which means most of us have damaged hair. For that problem, there is a product which can be mixed with all treatments to save your hair from possible treatment damage. GKhair; the leader in hair smoothing introduces the Shield Additive+ to form a protective shield over your strands to protect your hair from damage.

That means you can have any salon treatment without worrying about the bad consequences for your hair. You just have to mix the Shield Additive+ to the treatments before applying them, the protective shield will assure you a safe treatment for your hair.

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Form a Protective Shield with Shield Additive+

GKhair Shield Additive+ contains a unique formula to enhance the results of any professional salon service. It compliments GKhair professional services and creates new bonds in the cortex of the hair while simultaneously protecting the hair’s existing natural structure. The GKhair Shield Additive+ acts as a protective shield for any hair straightening or coloring service. Shield Additive+ needs to be mixed with salon’s treatment mixture as it is meant to create a protective shield and deliver premium protection against damage resulting from any kind of intensive hair styling procedures.

The Shield Additive+ is helpful in forming new hair bonds, protecting each strand from damage and to protect your natural hair texture. Shield Additive+ can be mixed with any chemical service to preserve the integrity of the hair. It can be added to relaxers, keratin straightening treatments, perming, direct dyeing or other coloring treatments. The Shield Additive+ neutralizes the adverse effects of harmful chemicals filled in those treatments and protects hair from dryness, dullness and frizz.

In addition, the hair protector forms a protective shield over each hair strand, locking the cuticles, preventing moisture from escaping. It contains soy extracts to help healthy hair growth and rejuvenation. It also contains watermelon seed oil and essential amino acids to keep your hair strong and shiny. Shield Additive+ like all other GKhair products is infused with Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores hair to its youthful state while protecting against future damage.

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How To Use:

The Shield Additive+ that should be added to a mixture, should be 10% of the professional in-salon service applied. It can be added to a Color & Developer or Lightening Powder & Developer. The hair protector will prepare your strands for the treatment and protect them from any chemical damage. Protect your hair with the GKhair Shield Additive’s protective shield and feel free to transform your hair in any way you desire.