Protein vs Moisture - What Does Your Need?

For people who like to know about their hair care needs, all the information can be quite overwhelming. As if hair porosity, hair textures, and hair types weren’t enough; now you have to differentiate between hair protein and hair moisture as well. Our fellas with rough, brittle hair can relate; whenever someone has commented on their dry hair, the word “moisture” has always been there. It’s common to believe that when the hair is dry, it’s lacking moisture. It is true in many cases, but for others, it might be possible that your hair lacks protein instead of moisture. Let’s have a quick look at both concepts to figure out what your hair needs.

Protein OR Moisture? 

Research indicates that 95% of our hair is made of a protein called keratin. This keratin is the building block of your hair, and is responsible for hair health. With time, several external factors affect hair health, such as chemical treatments, heat exposure, sun exposure, poor diet, pollution, dirt, product buildup, and sickness. These factors lead to the loss of keratin protein from hair leaving it brittle, dry, and straw-like on touch. 

Now let’s move to the moisture. While keratin makes up the hair bonds and reinforces them, moisture keeps those bonds adequately hydrated and nourished. This adds lubrication to hair, preventing resistance from environmental stressors and improving the overall appearance of your hair. When hair cuticles meet hair damage, they tend to open wide, allowing the moisture to escape from hair. 

Our hair needs both protein and moisture to stay healthy. Therefore, it’s important to figure out what your hair needs to maintain a balance between both. 

How Do I Know What I Lack? 

There are several indicators that help you determine whether your hair lacks moisture, or protein. If your hair strands feel dry, brittle, and bumpy on touch, fair chance you’re lacking moisture. If it feels mushy, doesn’t stretch at all and snaps easily, it likely needs more protein. 


What Does My Hair Need? Protein or Moisture

An easier way to find out what your hair needs is to take a strand of your hair (either wet or dry) and stretch it. If the hair hardly stretches at all and instantly snaps, you might have to slow down your protein intake and add more moisture to your routine. If the hair keeps on stretching, and doesn’t go back to its original state, your hair likely lacks protein and has too much moisture. 

How Do I Add Protein And Moisture Into My Routine? 

Finding out what your hair needs more can help you out in determining your hair care routine. If your hair is in need of protein, add hair care products into your hair care regimen that contain keratin or protein as the key ingredient, such as GK Hair products. Infused with Juvexin, an advanced keratin blend, GK Hair products are ideal for those people who need a boost of protein in their hair. 

As for the ones who need more moisture, switch your basic products with the ones that deliver hydration to your hair. Using a deep conditioning mask once a week is also a good idea. Our pick? GK Hair Deep Conditioner Treatment. This treatment greatly helps in delivering gentle moisture to your hair, improving its overall look and feel. Also, drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Your hair looks better when your body is hydrated too.