Things you Need to Know to Redeem your Dull, Dry and Damaged Hair

If you’ve had to deal with dry and lifeless hair, you know it’s not one bit of fun. It’s even bigger a problem during winters when the chilly winter air and indoor heating can be particularly drying for hair — and your scalp. Not to mention, those woolly hats and chic berets you’ve been waiting all year to wear can add fuel to fire. However, let us make your life a tad bit easier by giving you tips on how to care for your dull, dry and damaged hair!

Know Your Hair Type

Dry hair can appear dull and lifeless or frizzy out of control. If your hair is drying out, you are sure to face breakage and split ends. Your hair will not only look like straw but will feel weak and brittle as well. Dry hair is also prone to having un balanced porosity levels which accounts for a not-very-compact cuticle layer. It is very hard for high porosity hair to retain moisture owing to the damaged cuticle.How would you know if you have dull, dry and damaged hair

If your hair is dry, it’s not a good idea to invest in that sweet smelling clarifying shampoo that your best friend uses! Neither should you experiment with products or remedies laced with grease reducing properties because they will strip your hair of its natural oils as well. You should go for products that would add moisture to your hair and help to retain it.

Know What to Avoid

Shampoos and conditioners can contain some chemicals that can bring more harm to your hair than wellness. These harsh chemicals are Sulfates, Phthalates, DEA/TEA, and Parabens. Sulfates, being a detergent play a role in cleansing and clarifying your hair. They are, however, not mild enough for hair. Most of the alcohols present in shampoos are responsible for drying the hair shaft. An oily scalp might love them but they can be a nightmare for your dry hair! Similarly, Parabens, DEA/TEA, and Phthalates can pose a serious threat, not only to your hair but to your health in general.Harmful chemicals found in shampoos

While choosing your shampoo and conditioner, it is advisable to consider these facts. Try to look for products that contain as less of these harmful ingredients as possible. GKhair has formulated Moisturizing Shampoo Color Protection specifically for dry hair, sans any toxic chemicals that would damage your hair. This aftercare line contains Juvexin and all the good stuff your dry hair needs to achieve maximum health and luster. Say goodbye to dull, dry and damaged hair when you give them a try.