The Secret to Blow Drying Your Hair Faster

It is next to impossible to even dream of being able to blow dry your hair every day. Not because of the fact that it damages hair but it is a tedious task and time consuming as well. It’s a scary thought when your day starts and you need to give your hair a nice shampooing and conditioning because that means a blow-drying session will inevitably follow. Fortunately, there are some secrets you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you cut down a great deal on your time spent with blow dryer.

Rough Dry-Blow Dry, blow dryer

Secret #1 – Don’t Use A Towel!

It’s good to use towel for dying your body, but using towels is horrible when it comes to drying roughs up the cuticles and results in creating frizz. A soft t-shirt or a micro-fiber hair towel is a good choice in this case. Any of these would soak up water while keeping up your hair smooth.

Secret #2 – Brush/ Comb Matters

The comb you use after shower is very important; not just any brush will do! A wide-toothed comb on hand is a sure choice. Any brush that has microfiber bristles will better help remove water while detangling your locks.

Secret #3 – Right Products

It's your call if you want to go with a hair oil, a leave-in conditioner or a heat protectant but it’s a must to use one of these products when blow-drying your hair. if you opt to use a leave-in conditioner, it will not only smooth your strands but it will also help them dry fast too. It helps them in coating and sealing each hair in order to repel water. When you use oil in the ends of your hair it will help them to dry faster because it locks in moisture and adds protection. Similarly, a heat-protecting product would also be helpful in protecting your mane because it breaks the bond between water and the surface of your hair. So, if you are not sure about the products to use, we can help you in choosing that are best for your hair.

Right Product-blowdryer, blow dryer

Secret #4 – Always Rough-Dry

When its sopping wet, you would never want to blow-dry. If you can, do something else in your morning routine while you wait for your hair to air-dry a little bit. It will not only cut the time for blow-drying rustically but it will protect your hair from damage. This way you can rough dry hair using your fingers until your hair is significantly dry. Ideally one should rough-dry until hair is 70-80 percent dry and then round brush can be used for voluminous blow-out.

Secret#5 – Use A Good Blow-Dryer

If your blow dryer is taking ages to do the job, it means it needs to be upgraded. You can significantly reduce your blow-drying time if you can invest in a quality blow dryer or at least a professional one and this way you can also protect your hair as much as possible.

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