SIX Secrets to A Perfect Blowout

We know having a perfect hair color or a haircut are always our top priorities but for a perfect cut to be complimented by a great blow-dry, the end result is great. There cannot be a greater feeling than getting done with your client’s hair and she loves the freshly-dried hair style that is full of volume and life. It is a separate story to reach a point to be a pro with your blow dryer and brush but our experts at GKhair have gathered some secrets to a perfect blowout.

“Obviously the correct GKhair product helps but I would say proper tension on the hair, making sure you direct the air flow with the hair, and letting it cool to set it before you take the brush out to help it keep memory.” Says GKhair expert Nicole Rubino.

For many stylists it all starts with a good brush and many stylists have their go-to brushes when it comes to making a perfect style. Here are a few tips for perfecting a blow dry.

Perfect Blowout Tips

Client Consultation

Consultation with the client plays a pivotal role to get the maximum out of the hair service and when it comes to blow drying client consultation should never be overlooked. Although it’s a fact that hair artists know the best about styling but clients’ suggestion should not be overpowered as at the end of the day what matters is how your client wants to look. Thinking that we know everything how a client should be styled is too presumptuous.

Perfect Brushes, Perfect Skills

For every stylist it is important to have a brush that that allows them to style with ease, of they may have even started their careers using that specific brush. For some it is a classic styling brush and for others it can be a volumizing paddle brush. The choices go from large bristled to vent brushes too, depending upon the choice and skills a particular stylist has developed over the years.

The most common mistakes that stylists do is they use wrong brushes making them think they are not good at blow drying—don’t let that be you! Learn your brushes and know what you can do with each one.

Perfect Brush

Don’t Be Nervous…Just Do It

It is a good thing to ask your clients about their own hair styling. This way you will get to know what their natural style is and how they style hair day in and day out, thus knowing their expectations. Many at times it happens that the client’s style is not up to the mark making a roam for you to improve it and make it game on. This way you can at least do a better job than what your client does so don let your nerves get the best of you, being an expert you can handle it well.

Practice With Different Tools

We know you are used to styling with your favorite brush and it is at times difficult to switch to another tool. Try to master what is unfamiliar for you. While using an unfamiliar product will not only give you more knowledge but also confidence of using a new tool.

blow drying expert

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It is a common fact that working on a specific hair type hinders your skills versatility and stylists who choose to prefer long or short hair lag behind in styling competition. Force yourself to work on different lengths and different styles, it will immensely help you in the long run.

Marketing Your Skills

All you have to do is to be online and show your work in order to market your skills. While marketing your skills as a blowout expert, make sure your market yourself as someone know for using the tools but you are a total expert. Record what you do and post it on Instagram for your clients or followers to know and understand your skills. You must show them the before, the after and everything in between.