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The Most Wanted Hair Colors for Winter

Here are the collections of hair colors from this winter that will make you throw away your hat! Hair coloring is nothing less than an art that often changes with the season. The use of different hair colors throughout the year is... Continue reading

8 Amazing Keratin Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

You would be amazed by the fact that your hair, nails and skin constitute of the same substance. Yes, keratin which is a special fibrous... Continue reading

4 Products to Boost your Blondes

GKhair’s latest innovation promises to take your blonde hair to the next level! 99 problems, but Blonde issues isn’t one! Thanks to GKhair’s new Blonde Bombshell Series. GKhair's products are carefully designed for professionals to address all types of Blonde issues. Problem... Continue reading

Why Choose Sulfate Free Shampoo

People usually prefer shampoos which develop more lather and foam in their hair while shampooing. This foaming agent is basically sulfate in your shampoo which... Continue reading

Pro Styling Solutions for Every Hair Type

One of the massively followed beauty traits around the globe is styling the hair. Almost everyone in the world styles his or her hair on a daily basis. It goes without saying that some form of styling is an important part of... Continue reading
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