The Best - What exactly is it?

GKhair is a known name in the professional hair industry. It has a wide range of products covering all aspects of hair taming, color, styling, and home care. Although all GKhair products are well-received, The Best taming treatment has managed to generate the largest global fanbase. The title of the famous hair taming treatment is a claim, so what exactly makes it "The Best"?

The Best - A Hair Taming Solution for All

The Best is a keratin hair taming system with Juvexin, which will give you beautifully smooth hair for up to 5 months. Juvexin is the key ingredient of each and every one of the GKhair products. It is an anti-aging keratin protein blend that rejuvenates hair from the inside-out while negating the damage of harmful substances. Juvexin restores the shine and health of the hair. It also prevents hair breakage, and anti-aging proteins in Juvexin nourish and strengthen hair. The Best Smoothing Treatment provides hair taming and curls reduction, but what is different in The Best? Well, it is the most versatile treatment within the entire GKhair line, this formaldehyde-free treatment can be customized to provide results for any hair type. The Best keratin treatment. Juvexin anti-aging keratin protein blend Be it coarse, curly or fine hair, it can tame all types of hair. It eliminates frizz and enables curl reduction, smoothening the hair. It also contains natural plant extracts for smoothening and fortifying the hair. These extracts also add viscosity and texture to the hair. It also has natural emollients that slow the loss of moisture and maintain smooth and nourished strands. The Best keratin treatment The application takes less than 2 hours to deliver results, making it one of the fastest 100% formaldehyde-free keratin treatments. The results last from 3-5 months and the use of GKhair aftercare products can further prolong them. With all these benefits, this taming treatment does complete justice to its name. The Best has various applications however two primary application procedures, Original Application, and Italian Style. You can watch step-by-step videos of Standard and Italian procedures and get certified for these procedures by visiting our education portal. To read more about GKhair products, visit