The Difference Between Leave-In Conditioner & Rinse Out Conditioner

We all must have heard of conditioners at this point. Most of us commonly use them after washing our hair with shampoo. The traditional definition of the conditioner suggests that it is a product that protects the hair from getting frizzy. Using conditioner can help you make your hair manageable. However, many people only know about the rinse out conditioner and to be honest, it is the most used type of conditioner. Do you want to know why? Because it is the most advertised type of conditioner. The big secret here is that there is a type of hair conditioner which is the solution to all the problems related to hair care. This is a leave-in conditioner. It is relatively new in the market but has taken the hair care junkies by storm. Many stylists also swear by this new type of conditioner.

What is a leave-in conditioner?

A leave-in conditioner is a hair product which is designed to restore the moisture of the hair while preparing the hair for further styling. This is the reason why this product has become so popular among the stylists because it makes the styling job much easier. We can also call it a hair styling cream. Though this conditioner serves all hair types and textures, those with dry, frizzy, tortured or over processed hair are the best candidates.

The product comes in different forms for different purposes. However, they all are applied with the same method which mostly involves application on damp hair. There are a few hair cream formulas which are lightweight and can be used on dry hair but leave-in conditioners work best on the damp hair.

The Difference Between Leave-In Conditioner & Rinse Out Conditioner

Now let’s first understand what is the difference between the traditional rinse-out conditioner and the leave-in conditioner. Though it is clear from their names, we will still go into it to understand it more.

The Method- the method of using both the products is very different. The product is left on the strands for 2 to 3 minutes after washing your hair and then rinsed out. On the other hand a leave-in conditioner is applied to the strands of the hair and is left on the hair till the next wash.

Purpose- The purpose of the conditioners is very different too. How? Rinse out conditioner is used to make hair manageable. On the other hand, leave -in conditioner is used as a hair styling cream and also makes the hair manageable. With a rinse-out conditioner, you definitely need a styling product such as moose, gel or a spray to hold the hair together. A leave-in conditioner acts as a styling product as well as conditioner that makes the hair manageable.

Types- The leave-in hair cream comes in many types such as; cream, spray or even balm. More so, the consistency is light since you have to leave it in hair for a longer period of time otherwise the styling process will be very difficult. More so, the product build-up can also become an issue. The rinse out conditioner is thick in consistency and therefore has to be rinsed out.

How To Use a Leave-In Conditioner?

Now that we know that Leave-in conditioner is more like a styling product, let’s understand how to use it properly. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. After washing your hair, remove the excess water. comb or brush it.
  2. Then comb or brush your hair.
  3. Now part your hair into three sections.
  4. Take the smallest amount of conditioner and apply it to the strands of the hair.
  5. Brush your hair and make sure there are no tangles in the hair.
  6. Now here you can simply air dry your hair or style them. It is up to you.

Tip: You can use both conditioners if you want to. If your hair is damaged or extremely dry, rinse out conditioner can become a rescue in this situation. Your hair will become manageable and will be even more easy to style.

Types of Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Now there are a number of leave-in conditioners out there in the market as we have discussed before. Let’s discuss them in a little more details so that you can choose the right one:

Leave-In Spray

Now this is something which is mostly used by professionals since it is easy to use just like a hair cream. They swear by it for a reason. You can simply use it on your hair after the styling or use it before the styling. It is useful in both situations. However, make sure to understand the kind of conditioner you want for your hair. The method of using the spray might be different depending on different types of styling. A leave-in conditioner spray can also be used by those who are using at home. Why? It is a spray which is the easiest to use.

Leave In Conditioner Cream Balm

Now this is something which you need to understand has a very specific purpose. This specific purpose will be related to the type of the hair more than anything else. The balm is mostly used in extreme conditions when the hair is super dry and needs a quick hair rescue, most of these balms are based on oils and are used for curly hair. Again, this type of conditioner is very easy to use.

Leave In Conditioner Cream

Okay, so this is so far one of the most common and the oldest types of leave-in conditioner more like a leave-in cream which provides an intense moisture therapy. It is not only used for styling the hair, it is also used for treating the hair. The main purpose of a conditioner is to lock in the moisture of the hair. A leave-in hair conditioner cream can be left on the hair overnight so that your hair can become just manageable and less frizzy. The longer it stays on your damp hair, the more time it has to process around the fragile shaft of your hair. If you don't know what we are talking about, just search for the curly girl hair method. You will be surprised. Follow the method and thank us later.

Our Pick For Leave-In Conditioner

Time to announce which is our favorite leave-in conditioner. Drum Rolls please! It is the leave-in conditioner cream and we will suggest you not any other but GK Hair Leave-in Conditioner. Yes! If you walk with us, you will also mark this conditioner as your favorite as soon as you know the ingredients.

  • Juvexin- Juvexin is a unique protein blend extracted from Sheep’s wool which enhances the health of the hair strand by protecting it against any damage while giving it a younger look. Since it is a leave-in cream, it can revive the hair for a longer period of time.
  • Natural Grain Extracts- Natural grain extracts strengthens the hair strand and protects it against any damage which might include styling or environmental conditions.
  • Chemical free- It is rare to find a leave-in conditioner that has no chemicals. leave in creams often used by hairdressers to style the hair which means these have chemicals to hold up the styling. However, the GK Hair Leave-In Hair Conditioner Cream also reduces the styling time.

Hair Types & Leave-In Conditioner Cream

Let’s look at some of the hair types it might work on.

Frizzy Hair- We can call GK Hair leave-in hair conditioner cream a combating agent of frizzy hair. It can literally transform your hair by restoring the moisture. This restoring property can make the hair soft and bouncy. The hair shaft which is probably fragile without leave in cream can now lock in the moisture.

Damaged Hair- Those with damaged hair can consider this treatment a miracle for your hair. Though there are many treatments out there which can treat the damaged hair but there are a very few which can actually make your hair better. Your damaged hair because of excessive styling can simply be cured with GK Hair Leave-in conditioner cream since it stays in hair for a longer period of time and its consistency can help in entering the shaft of the hair.

Dry Hair- The dry hair can be your biggest enemy. If your hair is moving towards dryness, know that it is time to make some big changes in your hair care regime. One of them can be the use of leave-in cream since it can revive the health of your hair and trust us you need it since dry hair leads to many other hair issues. These hair issues include damaged hair, frizzy hair, discolored hair and weak hair which is prone to breaking at any point.

Curly Hair- If anyone has curly hair, they know the struggle. You cannot brush them, you cannot leave them just like that. You know why? The curly hair strands are a little complicated when it comes to the absorption of the moisture. The moisture travels down the curly strands a little late. However, if the moisture is left in the hair for a longer period of time, the ends will also be nourished.

This texture of hair can prove to be angel too if it is properly tamed with good hair cream. Now think about it, if your out of control curly hair is manageable and smooth. You can simply style them the way you want to. This dream can be achieved using the GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner cream which will ensure locking the moisture in the curly strands and thus the moisture will travel down the tips of the curly hair which are at the verge of breakage. It is the best straightening cream. There is a probability that hair growth will proceed in a healthier way.

Bleached Hair

This is one of the most complicated types of hair to play with. The bleaching process is something which involves the cuticle of hair. How is the hair bleached? Well the cuticles are opened through chemicals so that the color of hair can be changed. The first thing we do recommend is not bleaching the hair. There are now many smart products available in the market like GK Hair Bombshell Masque which does not suggest you to bleach your hair. They last for 8 to 10 washes. But if you are bleaching your hair, make sure to treat them and take care of your hair.

Dyed Hair

Though dyed hair is not very different from bleached hair, they actually need more care than the bleached hair especially if you had the dye from the root. It means that you have disturbed the root of the hair and now there is no going back. More so, you have used other chemical ingredients to color it. What does this mean, your hair needs more moisture than you imagined. The GK hair leave-in cream can help you in this situation. It is one of the products that happens to be mild in use but the effects are great. You will actually feel your hair moisturized and smooth.

The Big Takeaway

The big takeaway in this whole situation is:

  • Always try to go for GK Hair Leave In cream if it serves the type of your hair. However, make sure to do your research.
  • It can be a replacement for the best straightening cream when you do not have a straightener.
  • Do ask yourself if you need leave-in hair conditioner cream or rinse out conditioner or any other type of leave-in cream.
  • Go for a reputable brand since many of us will not be able to understand how the product has been developed. Go for a hair product that is recommended by professionals or is being used by professionals for a long time.
  • Always try to use the leave-in conditioner cream according to the method suggested by the brand otherwise you might not fully experience the benefits of the products.

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