Through the years, we’ve all seen those gorgeous blonde tresses on the silver screen and wondered ‘How do they even have such flawless blonde hair’, because, let’s be honest, it isn’t an easy task to overcome the challenges that come with blonde hair.



While some may assume it takes a village to keep blonde hair looking good, it is all about understanding what works and what doesn’t for blonde hair and choosing the right products that can tackle challenges such as brassy undertones and dryness.

Tackle brassy undertones with the Silver Shampoo

Blonde hair gets prone to brassy undertones with time, and it can be a different look from what you expect when going blonde. Retaining cool ashy tones is key to keeping your blonde hair looking healthy and beautiful. For starters, invest in a shampoo that can eliminate brassy or gold tones, like the SILVER BOMBSHELL SHAMPOO. Fortified with an anti-aging Protein blend - Keratin, natural seed oils, plant extracts, and grain extracts, this shampoo is made specifically for blonde hair. In addition to canceling red and yellow undertones, the Vitamin B5 present in the Shampoo additionally mends damaged ends and heals hair from within. Apart from giving hair an effortless shine, the Silver bombshell shampoo for blonde hair effectively eliminates the brassy tones by canceling out the yellow and orange hues.

Masque your way to smooth tresses

Blonde hair requires maintenance and the easiest and the smartest way to do this is by resorting to hair care techniques like treating your hair to a masque. A good masque should be able to strengthen your hair from within in addition to toning, reviving color, and boosting tones to reveal bright and beautiful blonde hair. The ULTRA BLONDE MASQUE effortlessly imparts the highest level of toning to platinum blonde hair and also nourishes and softens hair, undoing possible environmental and external damage. The Ultra Blonde Masque is powered with the signature ingredient, Juvexin, natural extracts, and Vitamin E to protect blonde hair and give it a cool ashy tone, keeping hair look beautiful for much longer.

Choose smart styling aides


Choosing the right styling aide for Blonde hair can be quite a daunting task. When picking a styling aid for blonde hair, ensure that it not only tones the warmer tones in hair but also protects hair from possible heat damage, like the LEAVE-IN BOMBSHELL CREAM. It features a blue base for toning blonde hair while effectively taming frizz, imparting shine and protecting hair from strand to strand. Fortified with Juvexin, natural oils, and natural fruit extracts, the Leave-In Bombshell Cream doubles up as an after-shower serum and a pre-styling aid. Use the Leave-In Bombshell Cream with the Silver Bombshell Shampoo to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and glossy. The Bombshell range from GK Hair is specially formulated for Blonde hair. Explore more products at