Things to remember while going for a hair color

Scrolling through the internet, you probably get multiple ideas throughout the day about what your next hair color should be. All these vibrant hues and pretty transformations make you want to want them all. As desirable as they may seem to you, it is important to make a wise and educated choice while choosing your hair color. We have listed below, some important points to remember while going for a hair color!


Choosing your hair color

It is imperative to make a wise choice while selecting a hair color for yourself, especially if you haven’t done it before. Consider your preference, along with other factors such as your natural hair color, your skin tone and your eye color. Determining cool or warm tones in skin can guide you to choose the perfect color for yourself. For example, relatively cooler hair color shades complement warm skin tones and vice versa. Furthermore, a few colors would look great in summers but somewhat lack the appeal in winters. Shades like platinum and ash blonde are more popular in winters while strawberry and rose blondes look great in summers.

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Things to remember while going for a hair color

Going for a hair color from darker to lighter tones

While going from a darker color to a lighter tone, it is usually better to do it in multiple applications. The dark tones have to be lifted from the hair so that the desired color is easily achieved. Without pre-lightening, even a perfect formula cannot give you the result you wish to achieve.

What to look for in the products you use?

While choosing your hair color, look for products which have nutritious ingredients for your hair. Ceramides, for instance, add moisture to the hair and soothe the hair cuticle, ensuring vibrant color as well as caring for the health of your hair. Some hair colors are also enriched with proteins which help in restoring your hair's health. GK Hair’s Juvexin Cream Colors are infused with a keratin anti-aging protein blend, Juvexin which strengthens and protects the hair.

Conducting a patch test

Professionals would always advise you to conduct a patch test before going for a transformation. A patch test is the best way to see how a certain product reacts on your hair. Plus, if you are going for a shade containing different colors, a patch test can show you exactly what shade will appear using a certain formula.

Using color enhancers to maintain your color

In order to make your hair color last longer, it is advisable to use color enhancers. A color enhancer is usually a temporary hair color which freshens up your transformation. GK hair's Color Bombshell Masques are great color enhancers in the GK hair product line. Their results last for eight to ten washes and these colors can be completely washed out with repeated washes.