Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Successfully Use Social Media for Your Salon

Gone are the days when you approached each and every individual to tell them about your product or service. We are in an era of information technology where checking our phones is the first thing we do in the morning. Conventional door to door marketing techniques are now ineffective. Social media is not just a technology, it has developed as a culture today. All hair salon owners should consider marketing their hair salon on social media, it is a great way to engage with your current and potential customers, spread more awareness about your services, and create brand loyalty among customers by reinforcing what makes your salon unique.

Nowadays, every business is using social media for marketing purposes. According to a survey people are spending 30-35 percent of their day on social media. Which makes it a necessity for a business to show their specialty and uniqueness. A hair salon is a business which runs on word of mouth. People head towards a salon which makes them look good. It is a matter of aesthetic importance which makes people choosy about beauty and hair salons. GKhair brings you some important tips and tricks to successful use social media for your salon.

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  1. Post Intriguing Content on Your Social Media Pages

Your social media page should show such images of your salon and workplace that attract and tempt your viewers to visit your salon. Your Facebook and Instagram should have such content which attracts the viewers and is a genuine source of information for them. Post images and information related to your industry. Create a theme of your salon in the minds of people you are targeting.

  1. Create a Targeted Audience

You always keep an age group, gender or a community who you want your customers to be. Create an image of your salon in a way which is persuasive for the particular audience. You can target young customers and your salon ambiance can show an essence of youth and things that the youngsters love. On the other hand, you can create a classical theme for your salon and the lovers of classic beauty will surely visit you after looking at the pictures.

  1. Show Your Work on Social Media

Take before and after pictures of what you do. Even if you are giving your client a root touch up, take pictures of your client before and after the service. Big transformations like keratin treatments or color changes usually attract a lot of people. People look at the transformations and make up a mind of getting a similar treatment. Show them what you are capable of as this will make more customers. Don’t just post in Facebook pages but also on Instagram and Snapchat.

  1. Try to Get Engagement

People love free stuff by nature. Try to make an easy contest about hair care or color and post it on your page. This will make the people to comment on your post and your post will get more audience engagement. More engagement means more people are taking interest in your brand or salon. Give them a free treatment or a hair styling voucher who wins that contest. This will make people trust your salon and will make people talk about your salon and free giveaways. It creates a psychological attribution of people towards your brand.

  1. Post on Instagram

Instagram is the hottest platform in the hair industry right now and updating your Instagram stories with processing photos is sure to keep your clients and future clients engaged and wanting to find out more while even waiting for your end result. Your tips and tricks will also gain attention from your hairstylist peers, sharing is caring! Post your work, using hashtags, include your location, tag clients and or your salon. This will help to increase your following by maximizing your network.

  1. Post with Appropriation of An Event

People want to change their looks on Christmas or with the change of season. They search for new looks on the internet. Be their source and post new transformations that you can give them for new festivals. This will get them closer to your salon and they will know that you care for them. Give different offers on your social media page. Give them packages like getting a color treatment will give a haircut for free or something like that which is attractive.

  1. Hit the Interest

Facebook is a place where people tell their interests themselves. When you boost your posts, choose audience who are interested in the hair care industry and the people who have liked salon and hair care product pages. This is called laser targeting and these become your potential customers. Target people who live near your salons and tell them that you are there for them.

  1. Your Facebook Page Should be Informative

Your Facebook page should be containing all the information one is looking for. The page should have the exact location and directions of your salon. It should tell the people about the services you provide and time you open and close. Regularly reply to the messages you receive on your page, this creates a good influence.

  1. Expand Your Social Media Reach

Your page might not have many followers, but you have workers in your salon and all have a Facebook profile with unique followers. If you have 10 workers in the salon having 300 followers each. Tell them to share anything you post on your page. Once they share the post, it reaches 3000 unique people around you. And the workers who are sharing it have friends and family who trusts them. A business page sharing a post is less effective, but when a person shares something, it seems true and is more effective.

  1. Tell Your Customers to Write a Review of Your Salon

It is a trend that people read visitor reviews before going to a salon because people cannot put their hair at stake. Asking your customers to write a review and rate their salon will give people an idea of your quality and services before they visit. This acts as a word of mouth. Your customer’s review is read by their friends and they visit. Post pictures of your customers which will make the customers share that post on that profile. This increases awareness about your salon.

Bonus: Having A Mobile App For Your Business

A mobile app is a plus for your salon. Your customers can book their appointments or check your services on their mobile phone app. Getting an app for your business in no longer a difficulty. Just visit and create your free store and customize your free mobile app. You can now have your own mobile app for your business to reach more people in your locality.

Facebook has 1.28 billion active daily users, Instagram has 400 million daily active users and Snapchat is hosting 100 million users every day. Social media marketing is the next big thing and it is a world where you can make customers come to you instead of you approaching them. It is just the technique you use. You can introduce a new business or get more customers for your business on social media. GKhair believes on sharing great ideas among people. The company works for the people regardless of who they are. Get benefit from the tips and tricks. You can have a look at GKhair Hair Taming, Color and Styling Tutorials on the Education Portal. Show the hair education courses to your workers to train them easily. Forget the old marketing techniques of telling people by approaching them physically. Reach your people where they are already existing, the Social Media!