Top 10 Stylist-Approved Hair Care Must Haves

How many of you struggle to give your hair that perfect finishing touch? Almost everyday we imagine ourselves finishing our styling workout with flawless curls or frizz-free blow dry, and everyday, it stays an imagination. Take notes, women. Your perfect look for the day has everything to do with how you wear your hair. Whether you belong to the “flawless hair” cult or the “the messier, the better” one, we have the top 10 stylist-approved must haves that can lift up your hairdo real quick. 

Argan Oil Serum

If your hair is prone to frizz and damage, our gold ol’ friend Argan Oil is the best remedy. Enriched with Juvexin, Argan Oil, and Natural Plant Extracts, GK Hair Argan Oil Serum is loved by professional hairstylists, as it instantly delivers nourishment and shine to your hair. Just a few drops of our liquid gold, and the mag

Leave-In Bombshell Cream

If your blonde/platinum tresses keep on showing those unwanted orange undertones, this salon-genius is for you. Leave-In Bombshell Cream is the top preference of hair experts, as it counteracts unwanted brassy and orange tones while promoting hydration and nourishment to your blonde hair within no time. 


Quick question: How do you deal with the damage that comes with heat-styling? If your hair’s getting worse with each time you heat-style your hair, you need a quality heat protectant. We vouch for our all-time-fave ThermalStyleHer Cream as the styler is loved and recommended by hair experts. This cream is ideal for our folks who have to heat-style their hair everyday, as it provides thermal protection up to 450F. 

Leave-In Conditioner Cream 

Approved by salon professionals, Leave-In Conditioner Cream tames frizz and flyaways, and leaves your hair with extra bounce and shine. For a super managed, glossy look, mix a few drops of Argan Oil Serum into Leave-in Conditioner Cream and voila! Salon-like finish achieved!! 

CurlsDefineHer Spray

Do your curls always need an extra hand to get a better hold? Not anymore. It’s about time you add CurlDefineHer Spray to your curly hair routine. Stylists vote for this game-changer as it completely transforms your limp locks and gives it a defined, bouncy curly texture. It combats frizz and flyaways and enhances the natural texture of your hair in just a few spritzes. 

Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Looking for something that isn’t heavy on your fine, but frizzy hair? You’ve found the right spot. For hair who gets weighed down easily by leave-in products, use Leave-In Conditioner Spray. A very lightweight formula that goes gentle on your hair, Leave-In Conditioner Spray is ideal for fine, thin hair. Just a few sprays and you’re all set to rock the day with frizz-proof hair. Tried, tested and loved by stylists.

Vegan Dry Shampoo

Recently launched, this nature-infused product is already all the rage among hair stylists due to its exceptional and quick results. Having an oily hair day? No biggie. Just spritz on Vegan Dry Shampoo and get rid of oily, limp hair that falls flat on your head. And what’s more? It’s all natural. No sulfate, parabens, or other harsh chemicals that would leave product buildup on your hair. 

Cashmere Cream

For super frizzy, dry, and damaged hair that doesn’t get tamed, no matter what, Cashmere Cream is the solution. A good-hold, gentle formula with creamy consistency, Cashmere Cream is perfect for go-to waves and curls, or high-maintenance hair updos. This hair styling cream eliminates flyaways and frizz, creates healthy texture, adds firm hold, and boosts shine for a perfectly finished style. 

VolumizeHer Spray

For hair that doesn’t hold volume at any cost, hair stylists go with VolumizeHer Spray. A perfect spray to give an extra oomph to your hair, VolumizeHer Spray gives your hair instant body and fullness in just a few sprays. It gives a smooth texture and the perfect long-lasting light hold that does not make your hair stiff or hard. In fact, the super ingredients help in adding shine and softness to your hair.

Dry Oil Shine Spray 

For hair that looks dull and shineless, Dry Oil Shine Spray is here to save the day. A true multitasker that gives an effortless finish to every hairstyle, Dry Oil Shine Spray adds texture to hair by eliminating the frizz and taming the flyaways. This lightweight formula hydrates and softens your dry hair while providing UV/UVA protection. 

And there you go with our top-notch, quick-fixes for hair styling. So, add these stylist-approved specials in your hair care regimen and give your tresses the perfect styling finish every day. Shop now at