Trending Hair Color Ideas for Fall

As you know the trends are changing from year to year. And if you are one of those who likes to follow fashion, you cannot miss this article. The trending colors of this season are gold and blonde in all its ranges. As the weather gets colder and the nights get longer, our fashion changes to embrace the fall weather – so why don’t we change our hair colors too? There's nothing like a new hair color to make you feel fantastic. And there's no better time to embrace a new you, than when the season is changing. Here is a collection of our favorite trending hair color ideas for fall that will make you look great.

Trending Hair Color Ideas For Fall

Brown to Caramel Balayage

Brown to Caramel Balayage is a trending hair color. Hair blended from a dark brown to a warming caramel tone through the famous Balayage technique, ending with a lighter blonde at the ends for a tanning effect. This hair color looks great on dark outfits.

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Blonde with Bright Tips

One of the trending hair color idea is the Blonde with Bright Tips. This totally amazing aspect comprises a collection of brown and blonde tones and weaves them through a transition Balayage to create this simple yet stunning look that we believe is perfect for warming up the evenings!

Pink-brown tones

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This absolutely gorgeous trending hair color is one of the most unique colors you have ever seen! The color is a mixture of rose, copper and brown giving a stunning bright finish, mixed with a lovely warm tone; perfect for fall.

Blonde Brown Waves

We cannot get enough of this amazing color idea that is full of waves stranded in its greatest finished glory. This brown-to-blonde Balayage mix gets blended with dark brown color to a beautiful blonde light at the tips and the transition looks truly amazing.

Blonde Brown Waves, Brown, blonde, Hair Color, GKhair

Tiger’s Eye

The effect of the Tiger’s Eye is very similar to that of a Balayage. It just goes well with the perfect combination of different chestnuts, such as honey, gold and brown tones that make the perfect contrast for dark hair. They look great because they have a super natural effect and lighten up the face by its illuminating effect.

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Balayage is a French technique that got fame in the 90's, with which a uniform distribution of light and brightness with color is achieved. The word 'Balayage' means to sweep and, as far as hair is concerned, it means to sweep the color from the root to the tips. It looks great in light brown hair.

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@igksalon 9.3 + 9.1 w/ Violet Mixtone (Level 9)


Blorange is the technique that manages to perfectly combine blonde and red. It is the new "must" in hair coloring. Of course: a previous discoloration is necessary so that the tone fits perfectly to the hair. It is the new coppery -which is seen a lot in the street style of the most important cities of fashion- halfway between the blonde (blonde, in English) and the orange (orange) which makes Blorange.

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Changing hair during fall is the best way to embrace the new season. GKhair has put together a selection of its favorite trending hair color ideas to inspire your new hair color for the next season. Let us know which one you choose at GKhair so that we guide you in creating the perfect hair color for yourself.