Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masque – One-Stop Solution For Cool Blondes!

Clients are the reason your salon is active. Hence, their satisfaction means everything and as a professional, you know more and it is part of your job to introduce new products that can benefit the clients. GKhair’s Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masque is a product that will help you bring back your clients glorious and radiating blonde color by removing brassy and unwanted tones. The best part is that all of this can be done by processing the masque for 3-10 minutes. So, if you have clients that are in a hurry and need their blonde hair back to the fashionable way they were, then this is the product you need.

Quickly Remove Brassy tone from Blonde hair

Featured Ingredients

The active ingredients included in the mixture make this a product that not only colors the hair but also provides with damage control and repair. The key ingredients present in this fabulous mixture are:
  • Natural Extracts: provide the hair with nourishment and as a result, allow it to become manageable and healthy.
  • Wheat Protein: promotes the softness and shine needed for gorgeous hair.
  • Vitamin E: brings nourishment and moisture to the hair in order to assist in radiating the color.



This masque gives your clients back their spectacular blonde tresses through a quick salon service. The application of the GKhair Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masque is quite fast, simple, and healthy for the hair. When people with blonde hair go out for too long in the sun, UV rays turns hair color into an orange-brassy tone. To get rid of those unwanted tones, this masque easily neutralizes warm pigments and turns your clients’ blonde into pale white blonde. Blonde hair is more fragile and more prone to getting damaged faster than other hair colors. Due to this, the clients need techniques and products that can revitalize and rejuvenate their hair on a regular basis while maintaining their color. This is exactly what the GKhair Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masque does with the incredible properties it contains. Watch the video here! Before and After, masque for blonde hair

Using GKhair Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque

As a professional, it's important to understand how to apply the GKhair Ultra-Blonde Bombshell Masque. You start off with wearing gloves and then apply the masque on damp hair. While applying, always remember to apply it evenly and thoroughly while massaging nice and gently. Keep in mind that when you’ve massaged the product in the clients’ hair, leave the application for 3-10 minutes. After the 10 minutes have gone by, properly wash the hair and remove the product thoroughly. Then when you're finally done, dry the hair and style according to the clients’ requirements. Not only would the client's hair be stunningly soft, healthier, and shiner but a beautiful cool blonde as well. The client is now ready to walk out with a smile and the confidence of a lifetime!