Upgrade Your Hair Taming System with The Best and Resistant Smoothing - Find Out How

The Hair Taming Systems have gained popularity especially among people who have resistant hair types. They provide smooth and straight hair results for prolonged periods of time - initially 3-5 months. Therefore, clients all over the world with curly, frizzy, damaged hair, have acknowledged them as a long lasting solution to combat the aforementioned hair challenges. GKhair has excelled in manufacturing taming treatments since its inception, developing options for every possible hair scenario. We are continuously developing innovations in the laboratory for the brand, to provide our clients the best possible solutions utilizing the newest and most trusted ingredients and overall formulation advancements. After extensive research, we have revised two major taming treatments treatments namely The Best and Resistant into new formulations. We revealed these new formulations at the conference in Passport to Success 2023 which was held in April this year.

The Best - New Formulation

The Best is a formaldehyde-free keratin treatment infused with GKhair’s keratin anti-aging protein blend – Juvexin. It works on the principle of locking Juvexin into the hair strands returning them to a healthier and more youthful state. The treatment offers intense repair for the hair strands, inside out. Adding the necessary protein building blocks to the hair shaft, it strengthens your hair strands and protects it from future damage. You can customize the end results of this treatment as per your client’s desires. The versatile features of The Best make a top choice by salon goers and stylists alike. The new formulation of The Best is better than ever before. It has been rendered 25% stronger with the innovation in its key ingredients to provide high performance results for the hair.

Strawberry Resistant

Strawberry Resistant is a Juvexin enriched keratin treatment which promises 100% smooth end results similar to that of Resistant that stylists know in the salon. However there are new features we will highlight on this new service option. No matter how coarse or curly the hair is, Resistant and Strawberry Resistant smoothen the hair completely while restoring shine, health, and beauty to it. The new addition in formulation of Resistant is Resistant Strawberry. Salon professionals will notice an improvement in the consistency of the product. Therefore, it is easier to apply on your client's hair and also the texture allows you to spread it more evenly using less product. Furthermore, it has a fan favorite strawberry fragrance. The new formulation also promises the same trusted results with all types of hair.

Strawberry Resistant New formulations of The Best and Resistant provide immaculate results that last for up to 5 months, provided proper aftercare products are used after the treatment. GK Hair Aftercare Line has products to suit all hair types. Besides, the Styling Range includes products to cater to all your hair styling needs, using which, you can turn every day into a good hair day.