How to Achieve Violet Flame Opal Hair Color Transformation

Violet Flame Opal transformation is from GKhair's Opulence collection created by one of our most meticulous stylists, Juanel Pacheco. This collection is inspired by the women who exude confidence and have always been on the forefront of fashion. The vision behind the creation of this collection is the process of refining a diamond from its most raw form to the pristine crystal we all dearly love. Opulence collection includes long, medium, and short hair lengths. This look Violet Flame Opal, however, features short hair.

Edgar Gonzalez, one of the talented educators of GKhair, carried out the color transformation tag teaming the hair cut with Juanel. This hair color is inspired by the multi-dimensional tones in a precious Violet Flame Opal Stone. Therefore, in favorable lights, you can see different shades of violet like you would in a Violet Flame Opal stone. Let's have a look at the formulas and technique used to achieve this.

Violet Flame Opal Transformation

Violet flame opal transformation - steps

Step one

For this transformation the hair was pre-lightened with a mix of Juvexin Lightening Cream, Shield Additive+, and 20 Volume Developer. Juvexin Lightening cream gives up to 7 levels of lift. Furthermore, Shield Additive+ is an additional product to add to any professional salon formula for reinforced protection and strengthening.

Step two

The base formula includes GKhair Juvexin Cream Color Violet Mixtone and 9.21 mixed in Shield Additive+ and 8 Volume Developer. 9.21 is a light pearly blonde color which was used to dilute the intensity of Violet Mixtone to a lovely lavender pastel.

Step Three

Next, we separated a triangular section of hair from the top to blend a lighter mix of color into the ends. This mix contained GKhair Juvexin Cream Color 10.11 mixed with 10 Volume Developer. Meanwhile, to avoid mixing of colors, we separated this section using foils.

Step Four

For the rest of the hair, we blended a different mix into the ends. This mix contained Juvexin Cream Color 10.11 and a dot of Violet Mixtone combined with Shield Additive+ and 10 Volume Developer.

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Violet Flame Opal - Opulence Collection

Lastly, a diamond short haircut followed this color transformation. GKhair Artist, Juanel Pacheco executed this haircut. The final look after the whole transformation, as you can see, was stunning!

Furthermore, you can watch an educative video for Violet Flame Opal Hair Transformation on GKhair's education portal by clicking here. Additionally, you can get a bonus certification for this course by filling out a questionnaire at the end of the video!