How Clarifying Shampoo Helps Protect Your Hair

Do you think all shampoos are similar? What could be the difference? After all, don’t they just wash and cleanse hair?

Think again! There’s a reason so many shampoo types exist. They range from volumizing to clarifying to conditioning to damage repair and many more.

Let’s talk clarifying shampoo. They are usually more expensive and most of the times, not available off the shelf, and for good reason. Clarifying shampoos are really great for taking care of excess oil in your hair. But seriously, what IS a clarifying shampoo?



What is a Clarifying shampoo?

While the name “clarifying” might imply that the shampoo cleanses your hair, it does much more than that. Technically speaking, it is a deep cleansing, purifying, and detox shampoo, all in one. Think of it as a power washer; for your hair.

The best clarifying shampoo is one that removes all unwanted chemicals, oil and dirt from your hair. Due to its clarifying properties, it has more cleaning agents to thoroughly cleanse buildups, restoring hair to its normal state.

Not to forget that these shampoos contain surfactants so, they can be best used as pre-treatment agents at salons.

Why use Clarifying Shampoo?

Clarifying Shampoo is ideal for people with greasy hair, or people who are trying to remove a chemical treatment done on their hair. It opens up the hair cuticles, getting rid of all the oil and chemical build-up.

Remedy for Hair Styling Products

People love to style their hair and hair products really help in styling your strands, but there is a negative about these styling products too. They can damage your hair in the long run and cause extra buildups. A clarifying shampoo for natural hair has it all covered for you to remove extra harmful buildups caused by hair-styling products. In experts’ opinion a clarifying shampoo should be used as a pre-treatment agent in salons before going for any treatment to tame dull and unmanageable hair.

Clarifying Shampoo as Hair styling remedy

Before Color Session

It can be advised to use a clarifying shampoo before undergoing a coloring session. A clarifying shampoo can makes facilitate new color penetration without any product buildup or excess oil. An important advice for colorists, never use this shampoo on a colored mane as there is no color safe clarifying shampoo because it will certainly fade color and make strands prone to breakage.

Clarifying Shampoo For Color Session

A Necessary Step Before the Keratin Treatment

We all know that a keratin treatment allows us to enjoy gorgeously straight and smooth tresses for months without frizz. A good cleansing with clarifying shampoo helps properly clean your hair in order to prep for keratin treatment. This will wipe out any buildups and moreover it will help protein solution to stick to your hair better, giving amazing results.

clarifying shampoo for keratin treatment

No More Oily Hair

Although some people shampoo their hair less to regulate the flow of scalp’s natural sebum but this habit can not be maintained for long. So, if you are tired of this annoying grease on your hair, clarifying shampoo will cleanse your strands and help you get rid of unwanted oils, making them ready to go for any treatment. But again, it’s not a daily home-use product and should strictly be confined to pre-treatment usage as it purposely makes hair tangled and rough removing unwanted oils, making treatment solution to rest well on the shafts. If used to detox your hair this should not be done on a regular basis, we recommend not more than one wash bi-monthly.