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GK Hair Professional Products - New Formulations

GKhair Professional Products come with a promise to deliver unparalleled results. We achieve these results through constant improvements and innovations in our products and formulas. 2019 has been a greatly productive year in this regard. Not only did we add three brand... Sigue leyendo

THE BEST TREATMENT - The Most Effective Treatment for Beautiful Hair

THE BEST TREATMENT A COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR A good hair day can make you feel like a million dollars. A not-so-good hair day,... Sigue leyendo

How to Prolong Keratin Treatments with GKhair

Keratin treatments are a great way to ensure that your hair looks its best even without salon appointments. They add shine and body to your hair and reduce the styling time considerably. Not only that, they also help restore health to your... Sigue leyendo

GKhair Hair Taming System with Juvexin – What is the hype about?

It has not been that long since hair taming systems gained popularity, especially among people who have resistant hair types. They have been acknowledged as... Sigue leyendo

The Best - Italian Style Application - Step-by-Step Tutorial

With the introduction of keratin smoothing treatments, many people with unruly, frizzy and damaged hair found a solution to having manageable, smooth and straight hair. However, to suit the ever-evolving trends and customer demands, GKhair recently upgraded the formula of The Best... Sigue leyendo
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