5 Hair Oils That Exceed Their Claims

Among other things that are popular to have hair care benefits, oils and natural emollients stay on top. You might have heard from your grandmother many times how her hair used to be strong and healthy, and that the only reason behind her flawless hair was some oil that she used to apply everyday. Oils have countless benefits, mainly because they are natural and healthy for all kinds of hair, and partly because they have hydrating properties which don’t let your hair dry out. Below, we’re going to discuss five popular hair oils that are extremely beneficial to your hair, they exceed their claims.



  • Coconut Oil:

    From cooking and cleaning to using it as a grooming and cleansing product, coconut oil has all kinds of benefits. This versatile oil can be used for several health purposes, such as removing makeup, relaxing body muscles, a face massage, and even a hair treatment. Coconut oil is said to have numerous benefits for your hair. Research indicates that coconut oil is made up of fatty acids (more specifically, lauric acid), which gives it a straight chemical structure that helps in easily getting absorbed into the hair shaft, hydrating it from the inside out and improving its overall condition. 
  • Natural Oils: Cure to Your  Dry Hair


  • Argan Oil:

    There’s a reason argan oil is referred to as “liquid gold”. Retrieved from the fruit of the Argan tree in Morocco, this oil has been preferred by people for centuries to use for cooking and self-care. Rich in antioxidants, including Vitamin E, and fatty acids, (more specifically, oleic acid and linoleic acid), this emollient delivers gentle hydration and moisture to your hair by lubricating the hair shaft, and conditions it from the inside out. Not only this, argan oil also prevents damage that comes with sun rays and heat styling, and keeps your hair protected. Hair care products that are infused with argan oil, such as GK Hair Argan Oil Serum, are a good idea for your hair. 

  • Jojoba Oil:

    Extracted from the seeds of jojoba, jojoba oil is also believed to have marvelous benefits for skin and hair, mainly due to its moisturizing abilities. Jojoba oil is filled with vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B, along with other minerals such as copper and zinc. This emollient works well on dandruff, and also strengthens the hair shaft, preventing hair breakage and split-ends. Since it has a wax-like combination, it is best to warm it up before applying on hair, or add it to your deep conditioner treatment

  • Vitamin E Oil:

    Vitamin E oil acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant and works as a cure to all ills. This magical oil is used by many skincare and haircare brands in their products to promote overall skin and hair health. Vitamin E oil is known to have many benefits for your hair; it eliminates frizz, prevents further damage, promotes shine, and makes your hair more manageable and smooth. It also improves blood circulation and balances natural oil production of your dry hair. 

  • Olive Oil:
    Olive oil is extracted from olives, and is said to be rich in oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene. Quite popular among people for cooking, olive oil is believed to have many benefits for your hair, including that it promotes shine to your hair and adds body and bounce to it. Since this oil helps in smoothing raised hair cuticles, it gives natural shine to the hair shaft and preserves the moisture. Many people use it as a hot-oil treatment or leave-in-conditioner to benefit from its softening qualities.