5 Self-Care Days To Celebrate in April

If you feel too lazy to keep up with your self-care routine or do something nice for yourself, welcome to the club. We all have those lazy days on occasion where nothing motivates us to follow up with our self-care. To help out with such days, we have made a 5-day beauty holiday plan for you that might be helpful in incorporating healthy habits into your routine over the month of April. 



April 1: April Fool’s Day 

April Fool's Day is a great way to level up your self-care game. The motto of “how to not look like a fool” will give you enough motivation to care for your skin and hair. Try up different hair updos with subtle makeup looks to add to your self-care routine so that you don’t run late to work every day deciding your look for the day. 

April 7: World Health Day 

This day should be solely focused on self-care based on healthy hair products. Be it skincare or haircare, your products should be free of harsh chemicals and should contain healthy ingredients that benefit your skin and hair in the longer run, such as GK Hair products. Throw out your ordinary hair care products, and appreciate your health with the right care. 


GK Hair USA | Appreciate Yourself In Every Way!


April 16: National Stress Awareness Day

Your resolution for this day would be to add de-stressing products to your self-care routine. Try replacing your hard-bristle brush with a head massager and your hair ties with silk scrunchies. Get a pair of new pajamas to relax in and add a relaxing bubble bath into your routine. Incorporating these habits into your schedule would really help you in revamping your glow. 

April 22: Earth Day 

This day is for the planet. Throw away every product with potentially harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the environment. GK Hair is proud to claim itself as a brand that makes sure that the products are formulated through an environmentally friendly process worldwide.  

April 30: Hairstyle Appreciation Day

Dedicate this day solely to appreciating your hairstyles. Be it a three-strand braid, or lose curls, or a high, messy bun, or a sleek ponytail, appreciate yourself in all kinds of hair. To add a little extra shine to your hair, spray on GK Hair Dry Oil Shine Spray, and rock the day with classy hairstyles.

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