6 Reasons You Have Greasy Hair and Ways to Get Rid of Them

One of the major problems that makes us downhearted and dejected while going out is greasy hair. Greasy hair is an annoying problem and most of us feel it difficult to get rid of it. Even if you are dressed up head to toe, ready to hit the red carpet, greasy hair can make you look imperfect. Oily hair can be a flaw that can completely kill your impression. Before we enlighten you with the expert ideas to get rid of this hitch, let us see what are the reasons behind your greasy hair. 

Causes of Grease in Your Hair

Touching Your Hair Very Often Can Be a Reason to Greasy Hair

Your fingertips and your face produce natural oils and when you touch your hair very often, the oils get easily transferred to your hair. Try not to touch your hair when you are done with styling.

Over Brushing

Your hair is equipped with oil-producing glands similar to your skin. Brushing your hair repeatedly stimulates the production of oil (Sebum). Additionally, this oil is spread throughout your hair during brushing. Excessive scrubbing of your hair during shampooing or styling prompts increased oil production.

Over Washing Your Hair

Nature has a system for everything. When you shampoo your hair frequently with sulfate based shampoos, your hair is losing its natural oils. In order to replace the dryness, your scalp produces more oils, making your hair greasy again.

Using the Wrong Products

The products you might be using for shine and moisture are oil based products and they tend to increase the amount of oil in your hair and scalp making it greasy.

Not Conditioning Properly

When you apply the conditioner on your scalp, it creates more oil in your hair; the conditioner should be massaged from mid lengths to ends. Over conditioning can also give you greasy hair. Try to use a light conditioner in a nominal quantity.

Dandruff Causes Greasy Hair

Dandruff can cause your hair and scalp to become greasy, which causes flaking and itching. To take care of the dandruff, you need a scalp friendly shampoo which is soothing for your hair.

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Hair fall is one of the phenomenons caused by greasy hair. People try to cure the symptom which is hair fall rather than working on the cause which is greasy hair. GK Hair offers permanent solution for oily/ greasy hair.

GK Hair Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is a special formulation for greasy hair. The duo gently soothes the hair, while washing excess oil. It controls oil buildup for a long time, making your hair silky and smooth. Contains plant extracts to balance the pH+ level of your hair. It eliminates oil from your hair and moisturizes it to make it soft and shiny. The Juvexin keratin in the duo nourishes your hair and makes it healthy, smooth and shiny. The shampoo and conditioner are gentle for your hair as these are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten and phthalates. Just wash your hair with the Balancing Shampoo and condition it with Balancing Conditioner 2-3 times a week, and keep your away from grease.

GK Hair Vegan Dry Shampoo

Shampooing your hair everyday stimulates your scalp to produce more oil. Moreover, it is not easy to shampoo hair every day during winter. To make your hair look freshly washed between washes, GK Hair presents its Vegan Dry Shampoo for your hair. GK Hair Dry Shampoo absorbs excess oil and refreshes your strands making them frizz-free and nourished. The product also provides volume to your hair roots making your hair shiny and healthy.

Additional measures you can take for greasy hair:

  • Wash Your Hair Less Often: Don't wash your hair more than once a day.
  • Choose Your Products Wisely: Don't use more hair shiners or moisturizing products.
  • Balance your hair brushing: Brush your hair less as it can increase grease.
  • Avoid tying your hair all the time.

GK Hair also offers the pH+ Clarifying Shampoo to cleanse the hair and wash all the product and impurity buildup. Make your hair healthy and aesthetically amazing with GK Hair. All GK Hair products contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores hair to its youthful state and protects it from future damage. Try GK Hair and say goodbye to greasy hair!


Why does my hair get greasy so quickly?

Several factors can contribute to rapid greasiness, including overactive oil glands, using heavy or inappropriate hair products, infrequent washing, hormonal changes, and an unhealthy diet. Identifying the specific cause can help you address the issue effectively.

Can using the wrong shampoo make my hair greasier?

Yes, using a shampoo that's too moisturizing or not suitable for your hair type can lead to excess oiliness. Opt for a clarifying or oil-control shampoo, and make sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any residue that may contribute to greasiness.

How often should I wash my hair to prevent greasiness?

The frequency of hair washing varies for each person, but washing your hair too infrequently can allow oil to accumulate. Find a balance that works for your hair type and lifestyle, aiming to keep your scalp clean without stripping it of essential oils.

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