8 Amazing Keratin Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

You would be amazed by the fact that your hair, nails and skin constitute of the same substance. Yes, keratin which is a special fibrous protein makes up a major part of these. Keratin is a solid and durable organic material which is insoluble in water and can mould in different shapes without breaking. Your hair, when exposed to dust (environmental changes) and constant styling, loses its natural keratin. One of the facts is that frizzy, dull, weak and falling hair is a sign of keratin depravity in your hair. Now when you know the importance of keratin, let’s make it more important with these Keratin Facts.



Keratin Facts:

  1. Keratin is an important component of your hair which provides it a protective layer from environmental factors.
  2. Loss of this special protein; keratin from your hair will harm your hair and intensify its susceptibility to pollution, environmental variations and damage caused by styling.
  3. One of the keratin facts you weren’t aware of is that heat styling, different products and dyes causes our hair to lose its keratin. They weaken your hair follicles and make your hair coarse and over worked.
  4. Providing your hair with the adequate supply of keratin can rejuvenate your hair to its original youthful state, supplying the nutrition for its nourishment.
  5. You can increase the protein intake in your diet to help your body in producing Keratins to improve your hair health. The suggested protein intake is between 46 and 56 grams per day for adults. Consume more milk, butter and yogurt to provide your body with more Vitamin A and D to achieve better hair health substantially.
  6. Keratin dose to your hair returns its original state, and strengthens its structure instantaneously. Keratin as a natural material makes your hair frizz free and reduces damage curls from your hair. A keratin treatment straightens your hair and reduces the styling time by half.
  7. One of the most important Keratin Facts is that keratin is now available in markets as salon treatment, in shampoos and conditioners and other haircare products. But the fact that, all keratin treatments contain additional chemicals that can be harmful for your hair simultaneously, cannot be neglected. But GKhair; a leader in hair smoothing has a chemical free treat for hair lovers.
  8. GKhair’s THE BEST Hair Taming System is a gift for your hair without any added chemicals which provides your hair with a boost of Juvexin. Juvexin is an anti-aging protein blend specially for hair. Juvexin has been created to repair hair from the inside out while restoring the hair back to its youthful condition.

Keratin Treatment At Home


Additionally, this special keratin Treatment at Home Juvexin is found in all GKhair products worldwide. Juvexin returns its pristine condition to your hair. It brings back the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair which are usually lost over time. An advice for your convenience is to check the ingredients/components of any keratin treatment you purchase and inquire with your hairstylist whether the treatment is safe for use. GKhair’s The Best is formaldehyde free and contains no harmful chemicals. After getting a keratin treatment use GKhair’s aftercare products to increase your treatment’s lasting time and enjoy the after effects of your keratin treatment. GKhair’s Juvexin treatment has a lasting time up to 5 months.

Use the GKhair’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner which are sulfate free products to protect your hair for a longer period. Use the GKhair’s Leave In Conditioner Cream after shampooing your hair which provides a concentrated dose of Juvexin and creates a protective shield over each strand, leaving a soft smooth finish. Using an iron with heat control can improve the overall condition of the hair by allowing you to adjust temperature on your styling tools We recommend you the GKhair’s Flat Iron for your heat styling which has a temperature adjustment and titanium plates for ease of use.

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