8 Essential Hacks to Rock Your Summer Hair

Nothing messes up with your self-care routine more than the onset of a new season and the changing weather. Every season asks for a change in your routine, be it skincare, or hair care. Hence, it’s important to know the demands of each season so that your skin and hair can be properly taken care of. In this thread, we’ve jotted down some basic summer hair hacks for you.

Get A Trim:

Begin your summer with a fresh trim. That will give your hair a refreshing look, and also make it appear healthier, since the split-ends will be cut off. You can also go for a big change, maybe get a new haircut, or a hair dye.

Shield Your Hair:

Just as sun rays damage your skin, they are harmful to your hair as well. Therefore, add sunscreen in your hair care routine. A UV protection shampoo or a hair cream is a good idea, such as GK Hair Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. This Duo is formulated to protect your hair from sun damage, and retain its natural moisture.

Cover It Up:

For the times when you don’t use sunscreen on your hair, don’t forget to cover your head. You can take an umbrella, or amp up your outfit and wear a summer hat. A headscarf, bandana, or a cap might be a good idea as well. Just pick whatever suits you and go beat the heat.

Dodge Heat Styling:

Summer is already too hot to handle, so let’s take heat styling down a notch. Our hair is very delicate, and certainly can’t take up that much amount of heat on a daily basis. Heat styling and hot air together are going to ruin your hair. So try to be as natural as possible.

Never Skip On The Conditioner:

Yeah, you do skip on the conditioner when you’re in a hurry, we all can relate. But the tip here is: never skip the conditioner, no matter how little time you have on hand. Your hair in summer is already dehydrated as it is, you don’t wanna push it further to the point where the only thing left of your hair is dehydrated, lifeless, straw-like strands. So, the rule of thumb? You got it.


Healthy Hair - Pretty Hair | GK Hair Brand


Try Out Natural Hairstyles:

Let’s be honest, summer is not for heavy smokey makeup and warm touch ups. You need to be light on your skin, as well as your hair. Put down your flat iron and try out natural hairstyles. Some suggestions include beach waves, a sleek ponytail, a loose three-strand braid, a messy fishtail, and a casual high bun with see-through curtain bangs. 

Use Leave-In Before A Swim:

Planning a hot, summer day on a beach, or a swimming pool? Better look out for those tresses. Using a leave-in conditioner would help your hair in not absorbing massive amounts of saltwater and pool chemicals. Therefore, it’s important that you pick a quality leave-in, such as GK Hair Leave-In Conditioner Cream and Leave-In Conditioner Spray.

Time To Buy A Wide-Tooth Comb:

Since summer hairstyle 2022 is prone to breakage and damage; therefore, try not to pull your hair too hard with a detangling brush. Buying a wide-tooth comb is a good idea, since it goes gently on your hair tangles and doesn’t pull your strands too hard.

And that’s it. Follow these hacks to enjoy your summer hairstyle to its best.