Ash Sensation

We’ve seen fads come and go, but the ash sensation clearly has a longer life. Reminding us of mystical fairy land creatures, the many tones of ash lend a gilded, almost metallic look and feel to your hair. While some salon pros and hair stylists were actually amazed by how quickly the new, ashy shades stole the limelight, trendsetters and early adopters were equally busy trying to find out just how gorgeous ash can look on your hair. From the distinguished panel of GK Hair Elite, we have with us some very special guests to speak on the new ash sensation that is making the headlines these days.

Will ash blonde hair color make me look like an older woman?


No, the new ash and silver trend in hair color is ageless in my opinion. For years, we were told that going lighter (as in grey and silver) is nature’s way of softening our features as time passes.

Which ashy tones do you recommend for a subtler look?


GK 8.11 is a great choice for those wanting to "cool down" their hair this summer. It creates a perfect cool shadow root. It's also an excellent base breaker to combat for those clients that pull warm.
Diane_PuccioAsh tones can be soft and subtle, as long as they compliment the complexion. For example, brunettes can be neutralized with matte browns.

Is it a good idea to go for ashy blonde strands if I have a shadow root?
I absolutely love this look! This is one of the most trending looks of all. It’s very flattering on a lot of people because you can keep a darker base so it doesn't wash your client skin tone out, and you can play with a lot of different colors this way.

How to get ashy tones in hair smoothly when progressing from dark to light?


When transitioning from a darker color and wanting to be a light, silver, or granny grey, it’s all about having a realistic hair goal for yourself while having the idea of healthy hair along your hair journey. If you are a level 4 and wanting to end up with a level 10, smoothly without breakage and brass, it has to come with the understanding that you won’t have silver hair in one visit. For stylist, explaining the color wheel and the phases of progression helps create this vision. Remember, you don't have to be a level 10 to wear ashy tones! Especially with the science of today’s color. GK Hair Cream Color offers a huge platform for Ashy tones. With our Intense Ash, Ash, and Ash Mix tones, anything is possible. Using quality products also help in the rebuilding process. During the transition, stress may occur on your hair. GK hair offers the Juvexin Color Shild line, which helps rebuild and protect hair. When using chemical products on the hair, you can use Shield Additive within the formula to protect and repair damage as you process. This is a salon exclusive service, which is innovating the beauty industry.

How can I tone my ash hair color?


Re-toning an ash hair color is merely re-depositing your selected ash hair color in a semi- permanent formula. The semi-permanent formula would refresh the existing shade back to its original tone. However, if your roots are dark, then the re-toning shade would not work on your roots. Bleach application would be necessary on the new dark growth and only then a toner should be evenly dispersed root to ends.

In conclusion, the ash blonde hair color trend continues to captivate and inspire, with its timeless appeal and versatility. As we embrace this trend, we're reminded of its enchanting qualities, evoking visions of mystical creatures and gilded elegance. Whether you're seeking a subtle update or a bold transformation, ash tones offer a wide range of possibilities to suit every style and complexion. With insights from GK Hair's Elite panel of experts, we've gained valuable advice on achieving and maintaining stunning ash tones, ensuring that this trend remains a headline-maker for years to come.