Best Detangling Tips-Stop Hurting Your Client!

Summers are approaching, which means you and your hair are going to dive into pool, take a dip at the beach, relax in the sun or simply roam around during a hot summer night. This all sounds amazing but the effect can lead to tangled hair and the painful experience starts while detangling hair for you and your stylist.



As a hair stylist you can’t stop thinking about that painful detangling process no matter your client has a bomb cut and color. Detangling hair, the right way can help prevent breakage and thinning, also it preserves and promotes thick, healthy locks. Here are the best detangling tips from GK Hair hair experts to remember when brushing out a knotty head of hair.

1. Forget About Fine-Tooth Comb

It is always a nightmare for your client using a fine-toothed comb. That idea might make you want to cringe! It would take too long and instead of wasting much time starting at the bottom, work in small sections and slowly comb through the knots. Use the GK Hair Vent Brush on a vertical angle along with a leave-in spray/ cream or a serum as a detangling agent, says GKhair Expert Keva Davis.

GKhair Vent Brush

2. Go Gentle On Chemically-Treated Clients

Be gentle with the chemically treated hair because hair is more delicate and harder to comb through once treated. Use a detangling brush to create smooth sleek body for a beautiful finished look. It will also avoid pulling, breakage or irritation at scalp. Thus, it would protect the work you just did.

Detangling Process

3. Give a Pain-Free Experience

Every client will remember a painless experience while brushing. It’s the details that keep your clients happy because you brushed through knots pain-free. Most of the times your clients would inquire about the brush you used after you finish brushing their hair. This is why the experts at GK Hair suggest Vent Brush that has a unique design with wide-tooth rows.

Experts at GK Hair consider Vent Brush their go-to product as its bristles and the soft tips located on the top of every bristle glides through knots easily and massages the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle. Every stylist in the salon has one. However, some GK Hair Experts like Andrea Day, Brian McCombs and Deb Wagner recommend leave-in sprays/ creams and serums along with brush for best results. It is a great tool to use it on clients in the chair and in our wash station, and if the clients know that we can’t live without it, neither can they! Says experts at GK Hair.

We’ve gathered some of the best detangling tips to combat summer hair disasters of dryness. Say goodbye to all the frustration and tears, and hello to smooth, hydrated strands all summer long.