Data Driven Salon Summit - GK Hair USA

How much do you know about the role of technology in the salon business? 

Salon business isn’t only about flawless delivery and customer satisfaction - there’s much more to it. There are numbers, information, tactics, strategies, and technology. Understanding the depth of how you should be using all of it to the advantage of your business is highly crucial. While salons in today’s fast-paced world are keenly focused on delivering exceptional service, the industry’s leading heads are more concerned with the growth of the hair care industry and small salon business alike. This is what GK Hair, along with Modern Salon, helps you within Data-Driven Salon Summit: to learn how to leverage your data to grow your salon business.


The event, held May 15th-16th at the Hilton Nashville Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee, provided salon owners a deep dive into the metrics of successful business-building. The participants were given a detailed guide on how technology plays a crucial role in today’s salon, and what strategies leading salons introduce to their business to drive it to the heights of success. Professional salon owners shared their expertise and best practices for client retention and top-notch service, including teamwork, recruitment and retention of fresh talent, building a customer-friendly culture, and much more. The two-day event concluded with a dinner celebrating Salon Today’s 25th anniversary, and an award program for the honorees.


GK Hair x Data Driven Salon Summit


While the educators covered everything from the pandemic affecting the industry to the reinvention of a more robust culture, GK Hair Brand Ambassador Lianne Hannaford also contributed her part as one of the industry experts. She focused on how important it is to analyze where the hair care industry lacks, and to offer a solution for a satisfactory consumer experience. She also shed light on the prevalence of the vegan lifestyle in every aspect of life. She provided salon owners with hands-on information on the first vegan taming treatments in the industry, The Best Coco and The Best Acai.


A peer-driven experience in a well-facilitated environment with the participants, all committed to success and growth is a need for progress. The Data-Driven Salon Summit turned out to be a huge success not only for the participants but for the educators as well as it provided a deep insight into the technicalities of successful salon business-building from the best of the industry.