Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair & Its Benefits

Becoming a beauty staple in many an early morning haircare routine, the concept of dry shampoo has its inception a few years ago. You cannot find a better alternative to save your bad hair days, especially those starting at 6am and you always come out with gorgeous hair with a little magical bottle. We have gathered some best tricks to use dry shampoo for dark hair and it’s benefits like a pro.

How Does Dry Shampoo Work?

Dry shampoo is special formula that contains starch or talc. It normally works by absorbing excessive oils, grease and dirt resting on your scalp without the need of using traditional shampoo. You don’t have to mix it with water or rinse, this way it becomes an ideal choice for the times when you are on the go and need to look your best. Plus, this product happens to be a versatile must-have that can be used in a variety of situations.

It will cleanse your hair and avoid oily locks in between shampooing

It will refresh your locks whenever in a rush

It will add volume even to the finest hair

It’s a gym-bag essential if you want to go for work after the gym or have other post-workout plans.

GKhair Dry Shampoo

Difference Between Dry And Clarifying Shampoo

Unlike a dry shampoo, a clarifying shampoo is more of a liquid formula which has to be rinsed. A clarifying shampoo is a purifying agent as it gives hair a detox when too many of styling products are used. It cleanses your hair and makes it ready for treatments. The bottom line is, it is used as a cleaning agent to cleanse hair deeply in order to remove any product buildups, making hair free from unwanted substances.

Why does Dry Shampoo Turn White?

Many of you would have noticed chalky, white finish in the past, it is not caused by the product but by the application of dry shampoo itself. At times, you are most likely to experience powdery leftovers, this happens because either you spray too close to scalp or you don’t massage products into your roots.

There is another mistake of using too much product. As it is easy to apply another layer than to remove product in first place, don’t spray too much at first, and then wait a few minutes to see if you’ve deposited enough dry shampoo. This way you can ensure to have your hair refreshed without making it to turn white.

Tips To Apply Dry Shampoo

In order to gain maximum out of your dry shampoo for dark hair, keep in mind a few useful tips.

Start around your face first and spray your hairline

Then, divide your hair into sections, for separating the back and front part of head. This will help you to spot all of your roots.

Spray the roots by taking each section and flit it to the other side while moving to the next section.

Shake your roots with fingers for consistent blending. For more volume one can flip head upside down.

Gently brush it out and run your fingers through your hair to finish off.

Best Dry Shampoo To Use

Having the properties of both styling product and a volumizing agent, dry shampoo works both ways to give your hair a full-bodied and nourished look.