Grey Ombre Hair Trends for Fall 2016 - Best Ombre Hair Ideas

Ombre is a blending contrast of two color tones, one is lighter and the other is darker. Aside from the typical brunette base fading to a lighter shade of blonde, creative minds are now expanding the color spectrum with more cool grey tones from the base to the ends of the ombre. Like “50 shades of Grey”, this look is a hot topic gaining momentum. The latest trends in fall 2016 hairstyles have proven that many people have been inspired to create new colors and cuts such as; metallic, silver and grey hair colors as seen paired with the following variations of lengths and style.

 One of the best grey styles is matched with the choppy look and blunt cut at the end. It is an excellent hairstyle for the women who have long face. You can cool down your highlights blending to bold grey streaks at the ends of your hair. For those of your whole love a long, sleek and smooth style. To make your hair grey ombre, you can make them hazel from above and the ends can be made with grey color starting just below the mid length of the hair. It is mostly suitable for teenagers with a natural blend of the two contrasting tones.

 The curls in ombre grey hair would be the best plus size hairstyle of fall 2016 if you want to look royal. Curls allow you to see more dimension and color variations in the hair better displaying the creative work of your favorite hair stylist. The silver ombre hair would look great if you have long hair with a natural wave, after all, who isn’t a beach bum at heart. Show off your natural beach waves while taming your tresses with a shine Serum to enhance your soft waves.

 To give a dramatic look of your hair, you can go from dark brown to ultra-light grey ombre. Usually, we have seen metallic things but have you ever considered giving a metallic grey color to your hair? They would look as good and classy as your long hair tells you about it. This look would be called as a “corporate look” for the hairstyle as you add different shades of grey.

 Not only you can add grey with brown, in fact, the ombre hair can be created with violet and grey hair color. It would give a trendy punk look to your hair. It also gives an edge of confidence to your personality. If you like monochrome or you are a big fan of noir films, grey ombre is your style. You can try different shades of grey and black in your hair to make it suitable for your personality.

 When you have a great hair volume, you can apply any ombre but the best-chosen one would be in grey. The volume of your hair will speak of the grey ombre hair and you can add waves to your hair style. Greying gracefully is a goal of all to all women to confidentially wear their age and the reserve ombre is just the style to do this. A reverse ombre is light on the top with the naturally growing grey hair blending to end with darker brown or black tones. Colors are always great if they are properly blended with suitable shades. So if you think that grey ombre will not suit you, it is your misconception. You can look evergreen even with grey ombre hair. Next time you visit your salon consider the grey ombre hair color to experience what all the buzz from the runway trends is all about in 2017.